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  • You know what gels are
  • You might be carrying salt packets with you
  • You’ve thought about buying stock in Vaseline
  • You know what Body Glide is and you’re not afraid to use it in public
  • You view losing toe nails as a badge of honor
  • You’re a guy and you cringe at having more chafed nipples……..
  • And tape is one of your best friends to help those nipples
  • You use RICE almost as much as your Body Glide and Vaseline
  • You know that the afore-mentioned RICE isn’t actually edible
  • You have a daily, ongoing love/hate affair with your roller, which you’ve come to view as a close friend
  • The only kind of shopping that consistently intrigues you is checking out running shoes and gear
  • You have a tech wear preference
  • You look forward to legally getting ‘high’ every day
  • You spend more on your wrist Garmin than on the one in your car
  • You have multiple spread sheets, for things like mileage, speed, routes, and wear on shoes
  • You’re not embarrassed to admit to using head games on yourself, and you’re more than willing to share them with others
  • You know why they’re called the ‘runner’s trots’
  • You feel guilty when you take a URD (unscheduled rest day)
  • You dream you’re running when you’ve taken a few days off
  • You may not have a PR, but you know what one is (personal record)……….. 😆
  • You actually know your mile (and probably kilometer, too!) per minute speed because you’ve got a program to calculate it for you


I’m sure there are plenty more. What are your favorites?

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