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So, I was poking around the internet this morning, and guess what came across my desk? Yep, you guessed it: more Gotye. Apparently, this song has been a hit to the point where it’s got numerous covers and parodies. As a result, Wally decided he’d get on board and make a new video of his song, featuring “The YouTube orchestra.”

And you know what that means. 😀 Yep. I went looking. 😆

Before I link to his video, here are some others I thought were paste-worthy:



Matthias Harris


Dutch Choir


Orchestral Cover


Well, if you sat through that one, go get a cookie and then be rewarded with the singing version of that video: 

Walk Off the Earth


I momentarily thought about including the harpist, but figured we had enough instrumental.

Have you heard enough yet? 😆 Here’s the original Gotye YouTube Orchestra:


If you still want to hear more, click here for “The Top 10 Covers of Somebody That I Used To Know.”

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