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I have to admit to liking taking the easy route if it’s easy.  😆 Sometimes, what we think is the “easy” route comes back and bites us in the rear. Then, in hindsight, we realize we just screwed ourselves out of some serious time for other things.

There are some things, though, that really do make our lives a little bit easier, and those are the things I try to take full advantage of. Springtime to me means a bit more than wind. It also means that it’s the dreaded tax time of year. Blech.

Years ago, we used to use H&R Block for our taxes. That was an ordeal, particularly with kids. Make the appointment and try not to forget to take anything with you; hope your kids last long enough to get in and out without melting down or make a mess, etc.

Then we discovered Turbo Tax, and cautiously tried it.  Well gosh, that was better, wasn’t it? 😀

Then we evolved a little bit more; did a lot of research on https, crossed our fingers and went for it, praying our information would be safe and not get compromised. Through the years, we’ve done all kinds of online filing (trying to get it for free, of course) only to get the point a few years ago where we totally realized that sometimes, you have to spend a little more to save that aggravation and not have stuff bite you in the rear with wasting time.

One of the things that I like the most is that all the information from last year imports right in. This actually DOES save time and aggravation in the long run.

This year, things were a little different. It wanted to “verify” all the information on the kids. “No biggy,” I thought. I figured this would take a mere seconds.

The questions started with the youngest, and by the time I got to the oldest, I figured I was going to cruise on through and be done. You know you need to pay attention to this stuff, right? So, even though I WAS paying close attention, I was stopped short.

Now, most of the time, I expect stupidity interesting questions, but this one has left me scratching my head, and seriously, it’s been weeks since I did our taxes.

It asked me if my oldest was married. This was after I had already verified his birthdate.

He is 15.

Yep. He’s 15 years old, and they asked me if he was married.  😯

I was eager to be done with taxes, so I answered the question and moved on. But it left me with lingering questions: What would have happened next if I had checked the “yes” button?  Would it have asked if he had children?  Would another yes answer have given me a worksheet to claim his “children” on my taxes?

This was separate from the standard “Are there other people living in your house that you can claim as dependants?” question, which had already been answered.


I’ve (obviously) not ever had a 15-year-old in my house before, but it makes me wonder if this is something new? Does anyone know?

I guess the upside to this (in addition to having my taxes done) is that now I can steel myself when my girls get older and not go off the “offended” deep end.


Are there other strange questions that get asked during tax filing? Anything else you think I need a head’s up on?  😆

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