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Her heart pounding, she cautiously slithered forward, grimacing about the mess on her clothes. Her mother was going to have her head on a stick when she got home. If she got home.

Silently, she turned her head; first left, then right. Her inclination to sigh was thwarted by the knowledge she no longer wished to possess. “How stupid. You can’t un-know something,” she nearly said out loud.

Make no mistake. She knew. She might only be 12 years old, but she knew, nonetheless. If it didn’t scare her silly, she might have laughed at the absurdity of the whole situation.

And yet, she did know. She knew she was being hunted and she knew he wasn’t going to stop.

Her day had started like most others.

“Let’s take a mystery trip together, just you and me. It’ll give us time to get to know each other better. Besides, your mom is tired. She needs a break. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

And she, like all the others, had fallen for it. Damn him! She knew she shouldn’t swear, but there no one around to hear it- besides him- and she hadn’t said it out loud, so it didn’t count. Nope.

She was sick of him. Sick of him and his three truths and a lie.

Why didn’t she see it coming? How could she have been so blind? He had a pattern! It wasn’t like she hadn’t suspected his involvement before!

Sliding a little further into the darkness, she began to doubt she could actually get away. Could she completely escape without being noticed? Or would the hunter stop her cold and bind her to her destiny?

She didn’t notice the nearly inaudible cry that escaped her lips, but he did. And then it was too late. She felt his hands clamp down on her shoulders, and she fought to stifle her scream.

It was over. He’d caught her.

It was time to go back to her surprise birthday party.


Obviously, I’ve used up my allowable entries, but it was suggested I completely the Quadfectra, so I did.  😆

Trifextra: Week Fifteen weekend challenge!

Three truths and a lie.
33 to 333 words.

Bring it.

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1) I could live on popcorn. But not the microwaved stuff.  That stuff smells like barf and makes me gag. I don’t like hot air popped popcorn, either. Most of the bagged stuff doesn’t pop well, either. The only (as in, singular) kind I really like is Orville Redenbacher. And then I microwave it. Perfect! 

2) I have a large family. My immediate family (me, hunny, and 4 kids) is small in comparison. I would have at least one more, but well, you know how that goes. My son wanted a brother for the longest time and I kept telling him to put his order in with Daddy. That ship has sailed, though, and it really wasn’t terribly hard to get rid of the baby stuff. Did I mention the youngest turned 8 yesterday?

3) Not only were some of my kids born in the water, but we went with a lotus birth with the last one. While I could have encapsulated the placenta with a lotus birth, I figured we were doing enough with the herbs/salt. The biggest thing with this is getting the herbs right so that your pets don’t follow you around sniffing, thinking you are going to give them a meaty treat. Yes, I’m on the crunchy side on the granola scale.  😆  

 4) I’ve fallen down a mountain. With a baby in a sling. On my back. I don’t think I need to say anything else besides it wasn’t intentional. And, we both lived to tell about it. Plus, I’m still embarassed. You can ask her, but she’s 8 now, and she won’t remember. Thank goodness.

Discuss.  😆


Links for the above points: 



One on the variations of the granola test: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/615062/crunchy


Trifextra: Week Fifteen weekend challenge!

Three truths and a lie.
33 to 333 words.

Bring it.

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I am going to tell the truth. Honestly.

Unless I lie. 😀

We actually did this exercise, earlier this year, as part of a get-to-know-you leadership development exercise. Except it was two truths and a lie.

If you were there, you can’t play along. If you’ve been reading along, you’ll probably have these figured out in a jiffy.

1) My favorite pet is a chicken.

2) I am fluent in German.

3) I am an introvert.

What do you think?

But wait- shouldn’t there be one more? Nope. Those are the ones I used. I’m going to use totally different ones this time.  😆

1) My arms are double jointed. Yep. I used to be able to do neat stuff with them, like twist them all the way around. Now I’m just old. I can still get my legs over my shoulders, though. As far as I can tell, none of my kids have gotten this trait.

2) My favorite color is red. Yep. Not only is it the color of my chicken condos, but my closet is loaded with it. Being blonde and blue-eyed makes red a great color for me, and when I’m tan during the summer, it’s the best color on me. I tend to naturally gravitate to wearing colors that look good on me, and while I worried that my purple toe nail polish would clash, it didn’t bother me. I’m pretty sure my new blue toes will look better with my all my red clothes, though.

3) I am allergic to most sunscreens. Yep. The only kind that doesn’t break me out and make my ears look like Dumbo is Bullfrog. It’s even dangerous to me to put sunscreen on my kids, because if I get any on me, I pay for it.

4) I’ve had babies under water. Yep. I have. I would have gone for home births for all 4, had that been an option. Ya win some; ya lose some. But at least I got to do that.


What’s your verdict? Give me your two cents! 😆

Trifextra: Week Fifteen weekend challenge!

Three truths and a lie.
33 to 333 words.

Bring it.

~~~~~~~~~This might be a voting -for -the -winner deal, so don’t forget to check back at Trifecta this weekend to vote after the submission period has ended!

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