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On the radio oh oh oh

On the radio oh oh oh……….now now (thanks, Donna Summers!)

Not now, though,  yesterday.

Part of what I do involves talking on the radio. One of our local radio stations has a daily morning program where local events and happenings are discussed.  This is a great way to hear about what’s going on around town, in addition to promoting your stuff.

So, I go on and gab a few times a year.  I have no idea if people at large listen or not (I have been told they do, of course) but I’ll admit that the only time I listen to the radio is while driving, so that means not much. I have heard our radio ads a few times, though, and that is nice.

I must have the gift of gab, because they sure let me go on and on and on.  😆  The interviewer yesterday was one I had not worked with before, and I’ll admit some trepidation.  There is a certain amount of comfort that takes place when you know and have some kind of history with the person who is interviewing you.  For example, you know that if you suddenly get the “dear in the headlights” look on your face, he’ll be able to say something that is funny or relevant to the topic.

Not that I have, mind you, but those are the kinds of thoughts that race through your head.  The first time I did the radio show, I thought I had gone prepared.  I had all the facts about our program written down so if I was going to blank out, I would have something to fall back on.  Since you all know that I research things to death, I thought I was really ready to answer anything he asked.

Wrong!  As it turns out, he was more interested in the particular event coming up (and its background) than the ongoing, yearly programs.  Eeek! 

Fortunately, I knew enough to sound educated, but vowed I would never again be caught with my proverbial pants down. I was told it was a great segment, and that it went well.

I was a bit apprehensive with the new guy, but I think it turned out fine.  He didn’t talk as much, though, or ask as many questions. And, NONE of the questions he asked were the ones I was anticipating from the other guy.  😆 Really, I think he was going into it blind, not knowing really much about us, and getting some background right before going on the air. Since I had done my homework, though, I had plenty to talk about. It must have been remotely interesting, too, since I didn’t see his eyes glaze over at all.  😆 20 some minutes later, he finally went to commercial.

Every time, they try to get my dd to talk; and every time, she won’t.  So, she got picked on, as in, “J won’t talk today because she’s afraid of public speaking.”  That just makes us giggle.  🙂

Overall, another good show down the hatch.  We’ve decided though, given the new guy, that they must have a height requirement to work on the radio- not a one of the guys are shorter than 6’2″!!  😆

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