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Santa Came Early ♥

Yep. He/she sure did! Yesterday it snowed. Wait- I think this started on Thursday, didn’t it?  I can’t remember. But yesterday we had a lot of snow, and it’s STILL snowing. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was shoveling out the chicken run, I decided Santa needed to come early.  The little girls were out in the snow with me, wearing their new gloves with glee. Once I finished with the chickens, I went back in and brought them a bag.

BOOTS!!! I’m not a fan of product endorsement in general, but one I don’t totally object to is Hello Kitty. And, when you live in the desert where boots are terribly difficult to find at all (unless you are in Tractor Supply, and had I been thinking with my whole brain, I would have started there first and seen if they had boots to match my chicken boots- but I digress  :lol:), it stands to reason you really can’t afford to be too picky in this kind of situation.

The little girls are *thrilled* beyond belief with the snow and the boots.  J, 10, is still out shoveling the driveway. No kidding- the shovel standing up is nearly as tall as she is! And loaded with snow, I’m sure it’s just as heavy, too.  😆

Hunny, who is a California boy and NOT a fan of snow if he has to be in it, thinks we are crazy. I, however, continue to really miss the snow, particularly around Christmas. There is only a single Christmas Day memory I have as a child where we did not have snow; it was around 60 degrees and we were outside riding bikes- in western Michigan. Then, it was a novelty, and not something we particularly enjoyed.

Christmastime and snow are like peanut butter and jelly. Like New Mexico and green chile. Like California and sun-dried tomato pizza. Like knitting and yarn. Like chickens and eggs. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….

J, 7, just came in and said, “I love these boots, Mama. I love, love, LOVE them!”  ♥♥♥  She’s made her mark around the backyard with snow angels. She’ll be back out later, after her pants have dried a wee bit.

So, digging out?  I shoveled a path from the house to the coop/run. None of the chickies came out yesterday because of the snow, and at least a foot had accumulated in there. I will have to get back out this afternoon and shovel out some more, with the way it’s still falling. Their ramp was totally covered, and they would have been swallowed with the accumulation.  😆  Most of them are outside now, under the the non-snowed portion because I bribed them with goodies and was able to pick them up and put them outside.  😀

Hunny spent about 30 minutes digging out his truck. Tromping on the side, the snow was up to his knees, and he’s 6 feet tall. I think it’s safe to say we’ll have a white Christmas.  :mrgreen:  He’s out getting gas now and he still has some shopping left to do. I have to go to the other end of town to get our annual shrimp and crab platter and the plan is to do church tonight before heading over to the grandparent’s. We’ll see how the roads are. 

If nothing else, it is magical to watch it fall, while drinking something hot. If nothing else, there is nothing better than being hunkered down in a house full of your favorite people, knowing there is nothing pressing to have to get to and that there is plenty of time to just kick back and enjoy being. If nothing else, there is nothing better than knowing the real reason behind the holiday and knowing that everyone (even if you don’t believe at this moment right now) is welcome to God’s love, grace, mercy, and blessings, though they may be disguised. It’s never too late to begin believing; God is ready when you are.

We are blessed.  I hope you are feeling it, too!  Merry Christmas!

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I’m Giggling

We’ve been here (in the desert SW) for nearly 16 years, and it still makes me laugh.

You might have heard that Denver got some snow- about 5 inches, which really, in the overall scope of things is not a lot of snow. Here in our northern mountains, we got a dusting of snow. Those of you who live in snowy climates knows what this means (= nothing to think twice about).

Out here, though, any kind of wet stuff that falls from the sky not only makes the news, it monopolizes it. And causes mass panic. Seriously. 

There are people posted around the state to report on the snow (and rain) falling. They each have their own segment on the news, including the towns that have fixed cameras and no live person.

Where I live, no one has ever heard of snow tires, unless they are retired from a northern state. Even then, they won’t have a set.

Where I live, there are no snowplows. Nope. You read that right. No snow plows. There may be a stray rancher who has a truck with the plow attachment, and they may pitch in to help in town if needed.

When we moved here, this also made me giggle. A town without snow plows? What do they do when it snows?

I had to wait a few years for an answer to that question. What do they do? They wait until it melts and ask people not to drive. And really, that last part is important- the not driving part. People have issues with driving when it’s wet, and snow is worse. It’s hard to get good or proficient at something you don’t have the opportunity to practice but every few years.

I had never heard of roads being closed because of snow. Where I grew up, it was a part of life, and life kept moving despite the stuff on the roads. At first, I thought these towns also didn’t have snow plows, and that was why the interstate was shut down. No, really, they (the northern towns) DO have snow plows. And the roads still get shut down.

I can see the mountain passes getting shut down. Those can be treacherous under any conditions. (and I confess, when we are on really wind-y mountain roads, I have to shut my eyes…) It does make sense to shut the roads to prevent people from falling down the mountains.

In the years since moving here, I’ve come to realize that it’s probably a combination of people not really knowing how to drive in snow combined with the rural nature of the state. No one wants to slide off the road and get stranded hundreds of miles between towns, where others are unlikely to find you. Those spots also probably won’t have cell service, either.

This Michigan girl has a late fall birthday. Generally, by the time my birthday rolled around each year, we had already had our first significant, sticking snow. When I got my driver’s license, there was already snow on the ground. I don’t mind driving in snow- I actually kind of like it!

I also like shovelling snow. Yes, I know, my brain is damaged from all those years without sunlight. You can imagine my glee, those first years in Colorado, when I had my very own snow shovel.  😆 When we moved here, I was very particular not to allow my blessed snow shovel be used for anything but snow.

A few years later, I realized it wasn’t earning its keep, and discovered quite by accident that it was perfect for scooping up leaves. So, it was repurposed and lived a good long life until a year or so ago when it literally fell apart and had to be retired.

I have not had a reason to get a new one, but I am waiting with great anticipation for the time when I can justify buying another one.  Maybe I’ll add that to my birthday list, along with rain boots……

In the meantime, I’m going to keep giggling when I watch the news.  This morning, the warning was to watch out for puddles.  Yes, that’s right- those rain puddles are dangerous stuff, and folks should stay off the road unless they “have” to be out and about.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!  😆

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And loving it! I love the sensation of being bundled up. I love having the ability to kind of be at the right temperature. One of my chief complaints about my location here is the heat.  I don’t tolerate heat well, and I can’t control my body temperature. Much of the time, it feels to me like I have heat radiating off of my legs, like when I put a blanket on. Then there are times when I can’t get warm, and have freezing arms, legs and feet. The upside to the cold is that I can add layers to try to get warm, which might take a while, but can happen.  I have learned that when I am hot, I’m just hot, and even cold showers only help for a very brief amount of time.

We’ve been in a cold snap here, that is not breaking records, but is something not seen in over 50 years.  We’ve been well below zero, with morning temperatures at -17 and a daily high of below 20. Many people move to the desert southwest (and certainly, a very large percentage of our population are retirees) to avoid the snow and cold.  Our town doesn’t have a snowplow. We usually don’t get much snow, and if we do get snow, it is usually gone (regardless of how many inches) within a day or two.

This cold snap has been hard for our state, primarily because we’ve had a gas shortage.  Some folks have been without gas for 6 plus days.  Not all of those days have been brutally cold during the day, but temperatures are very, very cold at night in particular. So, last week, we had days off of school.  While we had just a dusting of snow on the ground (a little more than an inch in places), we had no public school for two days.  Because of the gas shortage, the governor closed the schools.

What I’ve found particularly interesting is the amount of damage the cold has done to the state.  The state’s major school district has had numerous pipes burst.  When we had a cold snap about a month ago, there was a lot of damage from frozen and then thawing pipes.  And that town has also had major road disruption from water main breaks as well. Now this week, we heard about a school that had 7 to 8 feet of water in the basement, before the leak was found.

Now, I know the water was in the basement. And I know that over the weekend, there probably aren’t people poking around in school.  But, knowing the cold, wouldn’t have someone gone and checked?  I remember numerous times my dad (a former school superintendent at the same district for 40 years; 31 as superintendent) going to school and checking on things. I can only assume that building codes for things like pipe insulation are vastly different depending on state location.  I admit, this situation left me scratching my head.

Today, heat (natural gas) is back on for most everyone in the state.  To add insult to injury, the  gas company is going to ask the PRC (Public Regulation Commission) for a rate hike.

The thing with the cold here is that there are legitimately people who don’t have the clothes – and the means to buy new clothes – to keep them warm.  A trip to the local Wal-Mart will show you this. People are worried about the rising cost of necessities, and for those living in a temperate climate like we usually have, that can mean clothes that may or may not be needed don’t make that list.

I love the cold.  I love the snow.  There is something soothing to my soul to watch the snow come down. I am often reminded that I feel this way because I don’t have to be out in it on purpose. 😀

I know so many others that are tired of the snow and the headache of daily life in miserable and often dangerous cold conditions. I wonder if I would be in that camp if I was living there, too?

So, as I sit bundled up under blankies and shawls, holding a hot cup of tea to warm my hands and chuckling as my glasses steam up as I drink it, I am grateful. I am appreciative to have had days off from running with “legitimate” reasons besides pain. I am grateful to have the ability to get warm. I am grateful to have the ability to hunker down with the kids on days off from school. This is something I could get used to!

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