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Ellis Eton has plans. And those plans don’t involve staying home and continuing to disappoint her family. College is hard. No matter how hard she studies, something always comes up and gets in the way of making good grades. Her family has expectations of her that she doesn’t want to meet- and can never seem meet, either, even when she tries.lovecomescalling

Being a girl in the 20s is hard. And her plans don’t look anything like the plans her family has for her. Nope. They don’t.

Ellis is bound and determined to make her escape from Boston to the bright lights of Hollywood. Now, if only she can get the money she needs…..

Not everyone is lucky enough to know their doppelgänger up-close-and-personal, but Ellis sure does! Julia, the daughter of her family’s cook, looks just like her; so much so that people often thought they were twins. When tragedy strikes and Julia’s mother dies, Julia comes up a with a scheme to bury her mother up north whilst still keeping her job, even though her employer won’t allow her to take time off.

You guessed it- Julia asks, and Ellis agrees to fill in for Julia at her telephone operator job. The money from the job will spring Ellis from her Boston misery. And, it’s only two weeks, right? Surely, she can manage a job for two weeks? What could possibly go wrong?

Ellis muddles through- barely- but disaster strikes when she accidentally overhears a plan that involves her long-time good friend and star athlete being “taken out of the picture.” Oh no! How can she warn Griffin without running the risk of him trying to pin her?! And who is the “King” that wants it done?

Can Ellis hold it together to keep Janie’s job and solve the mystery of who’s after her Griffin? Can she avoid his advances long enough to make her escape to Hollywood?

Siri Mitchell is another one of my favorite authors, and I was really pleased to be able to review another one of her titles.

This book had me laughing pretty much from the beginning. In many ways, it reminded me of Thoroughly Modern Millie {I’ll past a clip in at the end :lol:}. Maybe it was the era; maybe it was the pace and/or chronic “whoop”es, but Ellis just made me laugh.

This one hit a home run with me, even though I was wondering at the  beginning. If you want a light-hearted book that actually has some moral meat to it, you won’t want to miss this one. I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

I also appreciated the additional information about prohibition at the end, because that was an important time in US history. Ms. Mitchell provides more links on this subject on the website page for this title:  http://sirimitchell.com/Love_Comes_Calling.htm

I received this book for free from Bethany House publishers (www.bethanyhouse.com) for this review.

And, as promised, a peek at Thoroughly Modern Mille. 😆





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