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You’ve been thinking about homeschooling, and via your information gathering, you’ve come to feel that yes, you can create an environment at home that is conducive to learning. You also feel that academically, your kids (should you choose to compare them to their schooled counterparts) will do just fine, and will probably be ahead of their traditionally schooled peers.

You still have a few questions, though.  As you’ve been researching what kind of homeschooling you think will be a good fit for your family, you have noticed that the overwhelming majority of pre-packaged curriculums are Christian based. You’re not particularly religious, or if you are (Christian), you’re not inclined to wanting to have your kids influenced by ideology that may not reflect your own, and you’re wondering how would you know that unless you’ve used the curriculum?  Really, you’d rather just not use any religious-based programs, but given your research, you are now wondering: Can I Homeschool if I’m Not Christian?

The short answer is yes!  Even in Alabama, the law says “church” but does not define that a church has to be Christian. (*disclaimer- this is my understanding, and is by no means comprehensive, since I don’t live in that state) I have seen folks who were not Christian homeschooling in Alabama.

Later in this series, I’ll be sharing resources for those wanting Christian curriculum. Today, I’m going to share a few resources for secular homeschooling.  Believe it or not, there are a few out there! I admit, this is not something I’ve actively searched for, because we do our own thing.

One site I’ve found has forums.  Forums are a great way to communicate with and get support from those who are like-minded.  If you have a hobby or interest, there is probably a forum out there somewhere for you to join.  😆

Secular Homeschooling.com has a forum and has resource articles.  Another site is Secular-Homeschooling Magazine.

Additional links for secular homeschooling:

North Alabama Secular Homeschooling

Leaping From the Box– Alabama cover school

Secular Homeschoolers.net

Parenting Beyond Belief

Jon’s Homeschool Resources; Secular

Atheist View: Homeschooling Without Religion  (if you are Christian, you may want to skip this one  🙂 )

If you are interested in curriculum, here are some resources:



Successful Homeschooling.com

Time 4 Learning Secular Curriculum

Home School Curriculum Advisor

Obviously, yet again, this is not a comprehensive list. More and more, people are finding homeschooling to be their choice of viable education. As they do, some (like me) blog or otherwise write and collect information on this topic. There is a lot of information out there, and slogging through it can be daunting.

At some point, I felt like I had done enough research and information gathering to make an intelligent decision.  I know you’ll get there, too!  🙂

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