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I’m Steamed

I’m normally pretty patient when it comes to counting on others to show up when they say they’re going to, particularly if they are delivering appliances, or have other technical calls.

But this?  Sears called last night to let us know that our 2 hour delivery window for today- a day we had to pay extra delivery for because it was on the weekend- was between 10:45 am and 12:45 pm.

It’s 5:01 and we haven’t been visited. At 3 pm, I called the store, only to be hung up on the first time.  Patiently, I called back. I was routed to someone who didn’t speak English very well.  You can read my thoughts about that here. Despite being annoyed that the person didn’t speak English very well, the gist that I got was that she was going to get a message to the delivery guys and have them call me.

She said that we were delivery #3 and that they were at delivery #2 right then.  No idea why it would take them well over an hour each for those 2 deliveries.

At 4:30 pm, I called Sears again and took a different route with the automated menu.  Once again, after getting to a live person, they hung up on me.

Not to be deterred, I called back and figured out a way to get to the actual store. That was at 4:30 pm.  Supposedly, the manager was with someone and was going to call me back.  Now it’s 10 minutes after 5, and no call; no delivery. Apparently, it’s taking even longer to deliver those two items, because now they are more than 4 hours past their promised 2 hour delivery window. And, it’s been another 2 hours +.

The store closes in 45 minutes.  Anyone want to bet if 1) the manager actually calls me like he supposedly is going to or 2) if I get my refrigerator today, despite paying extra for a weekend delivery?

I’m half tempted to drive down there and have them load my truck, although logic would say that if it’s actually on their truck, that would be a waste of my time. THIS is the kind of stuff that hacks me off royally. In a normal world with choices, I wouldn’t shop there again because lousy service shouldn’t be rewarded. But when you are rural, hey, they can screw you all they want because you don’t have choices.

Sears- you have dropped the ball.  I am steamed.    UPDATE: Well, whaddya know? Apparently, their fax machine which gives them their delivery orders is broken, so the delivery truck never even got LOADED so the lady who told me they were on the second delivery and I was next?  Ya, flat out lied. And, because supposedly they had nooooo idea whooooo was supposed to get a delivery (nevermind they had stuff shipped to them in the store because it wasn’t in stock), they couldn’t call anyone and tell them about their issues.

But wait-there’s more!  When I called, she acted all surprised that I hadn’t been called, because apparently, the delivery service was supposed to have called me to let me know what was going on. She also *almost* tried to argue with me when I told her they were going to refund the Saturday delivery charge. Can you believe that?!

So now they have totally screwed my training schedule for two days, a few weeks before a race. I didn’t run today because I had planned to do it after they came in the morning. One totally wasted day. And now they are coming mid-morning Monday, which means another wasted non-running day because I won’t have time.  I did not need this now.

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Do you live to shop?  Do you get ansty when you haven’t shopped in a while?  Do you suffer withdrawals if you don’t get your shopping fix? Do you get an adrenaline high when you score a great sale?

Ya, *not* me!  😆  I despise shopping.  Really.  I particularly despise shopping when I’m in a pinch and have to get something fast – like a range.

If you have an above-average sized family, chances are you good that you rely on your oven for many meals during the week. One of the things I do is to cook a little bigger, which often leaves leftovers.  We are pretty good about eating leftovers most of the time, and it’s nice to have a hot lunch during the week.

Monday night, we discovered that the oven wasn’t working. This normally wouldn’t bother me too much, except that this particular range is only a few years old.  And we were hungry. 

In desperation, we used the oven in the RV, which is rarely used while on vacation. Why?  Because it’s too small! Well, it’s too small for a large-ish family, when it comes to baking dinner dishes that are required to feed everyone at one time. Regardless, since we were having meatloaf and baked potatoes and missing the oldest (who was eating at Bible study), we thought we could shove it all in the little oven, and we weren’t disappointed.

Tuesday, we took apart the range apart and got into the control panel.  (This is when having a husband who is an engineer and has all those electrical tools comes in handy.)  He tested everything, and determined that the problem was in the motherboard/brains and that it probably was not cost-effective to fix.

And you know what that means.  Shopping.  🙄   Shopping for something you really kind of have to have, and in a hurry.

Now, you might think that in a smaller town, it would be pretty easy.  Not so fast.  We have Sears and Home Depot and some other miscellaneous appliance sellers (who sell other things, too)……………….. and that’s it.  By default, this means comparison shopping online, at those company websites.

I used to not find that problematic.  Maybe it’s because we’re having solar flares, but my computer on high-speed cable internet has been running like a boat anchor (and I’m sure I need to defrag), and it takes a looooooooooonnnnnnggggggg time for pages to load. This means I now dread even shopping online.  Did I mention that I am not a patient person?  Particularly when it comes to waiting on websites?  😉

You get the point.  Click on something to see detail and wait wait wait. Click to go back and wait wait wait.   Click to try to filter by option and wait wait wait.  *sigh*

Once I found something, I decided it was a good idea to go to the store to see if it had an item in that finish.  I also went to the other store to see what they had in stock and on closeout, because sometimes you can find a steal.  Tuesday was not that day.

In the second store, I saw a dishwasher with the one finish and decided I hated it. I tell you, I spent another 2 hours in the store, using the computer to shop their site online.  How twisted is that?!  In the end, I was able to make a choice and decided to order in the store, so that the nice new, young salesboy could get a commission. (—–> sucker  :lol:)

Despite my rushing out and spending hours online and in-store shopping, when I ordered, of course, the item was backordered. That means that it’s not going to be here for another 3 weeks! And, even though it will be delivered to the store on a Friday, they want to charge me $10 to deliver it on a Saturday (which negates the “free delivery”, imo), which I am too cheap to do.

So, I wait until the following Monday.  At least they will haul the old one away for free. And we’re going back to gas.

Some people thrive on shopping.  Sometimes I wish I could enjoy it more. In many regards, it seems like a total waste and sending money up in smoke, since most things in my life are utilitarian and serve a purpose, before they wear out and have to be replaced. 

I’m fatigued from shopping. Tuesday it was the range; Wednesday and Thursday it was tv and internet shopping, and Thursday and Friday it’s been shopping for the next vacation site. *That,* however, is a whole ‘nother post, because vacation shopping (which for us includes parks/campgrounds) is incredibly labor intensive when going to a new destination.  Blerg.

I don’t have an inner shopaholic, no matter how much I try -except for maybe yarn and books.  Speaking of yarn, the yarn I ended up ordering online came yesterday, which I admit, does give me a thrill (you know, because of my yarn “sickness”).  😆  The store still hasn’t called, but I’m ok now that I can get my fix!

Huh.  Maybe I do have a little shopaholic in me after all!  😆

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