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‘Member me telling you about that Holiday Challenge thingy I was gonna do during the holidays to stay motivated? Ya, well, it’s over.  😦

When we started, 275 runners on two teams (139; 136) had pledged nearly 38,000 miles. By the time I updated at the half way point,  we had dropped to 263 players, who pledged 36,650 miles.

It’s no surprise that 5 1/2 weeks through the holidays is a long challenge. At the end, we had 240 people left (125 and 115) who logged an impressive 36,861.64 miles- yes, those are actual miles run! As it turns out, through no fault of the fabulous sorting program, things kind of got lopsided. There was also some drama just after the 1/2, which meant some of the higher mileage runners totally dropped; some said they would and logged 0s, and then at the last minute added their mileage back in. I think the rules might change because of that.

My team, sadly, did not win. BUT. There was some great running, and a good many of us logged some fantastic “ninja miles.” By ‘definition,’ “ninja miles” were miles suggested by one of our team players (who, yes, has “ninja” in his name) that were stealthy, and unplanned for. Ya know, to sneak up on the other team.  😉

So, how does it break down? Not surprisingly, the person who logged the most miles was also the leader at the 1/2; the gentleman (in the 55-59 age group) who ran 617.2 miles. Before you pick your jaw up off the ground, the top 3 had over 500 miles each and the top 9 had all logged over 400 miles.  AMAZING!!!!!

The team with the most miles averaged 3.96 miles a day, per player.

My team averaged 3.91 miles per day, per player, and we had 10 fewer players at the end after we lost a few of our really high mileage runners.

I gave up at 250 miles myself.  😆  Since I had originally pledged 140 miles, I was pretty satisfied to land 110 miles over.

One of the most competitive age groups at races is the 40-44, and it appears this also holds true for mileage challenges like this.  🙂  In my age group for the women, I finished in 2nd place, behind a 251.79 mile finish. I remain very glad that they weren’t timing us.  😆

On my team of 115 players, I landed in 20th place.

Out of the total 240 runners, my mileage let me finish on the leaderboard in 35th place.

While I didn’t manage to make my new new goal of 950 miles for the year, I came pretty close with 935.76. Hitting a major flare on Christmas followed by a tummy bug didn’t do me any favors, but I didn’t die, so I’m happy.  😆

As you can imagine, it doesn’t really end there, because, you know, I’m certifiable.  😀  I’ve signed up for 2 more challenges, both of which are year-long. I’ve pledged 1,200 miles for the year, so we’ll see how that goes. So far, in two days of running, I’ve got 23.5 in, so this may actually not be out of the realm of possibility, if I can stay mostly healthy and injury free.

If you are thinking about starting a new running exercise routine, or just want a way to stay accountable and connected to other runners (even if you are just starting out!), the Runner’s World online community forum is the place to land. It is *amazing* how much great information there is out there, and people are generally very friendly. I lurked for a few years before joining, and I have to say, there is really a great group of people there.

I may not make new year’s resolutions, but I absolutely WILL make mileage goals!  😆  :mrgreen:

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