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Alrighty then. Clearly, I’ve been slacking. It seems the combination of farm life and absent Hunny kills my motivation for writing. Here’s my lame attempt to get sort of caught up….

My mileage stunk for last year. I was trying to bribe myself to finish the painting before I allowed myself to run. {snort) At some point, I said, “Screw it!”

Last year, I only managed to run 332.21 miles. Seeing at I’m already at 108 and some change for this year {which is still sort of dismal} you can see that running was more or less ‘meh’ last year.

And I was dealing with some leg issues. Seemed like I’d get over one sore spot and find I had another. I finally broke down and got some compression calf sleeves, which really seems to have been a huge help. Hopefully, I can ditch them completely before summer hits, because I HATE HEAT.

You may remember that I logged over 1,400 miles on my previous pair of VFFs and had to get a new pair. I’ve gotten just over 304 miles on the new pair, and they are not wearing nearly as well as my others.

While I have the spare pair, they are heavier. Heading into the heat of the summer leaves me wondering if the See Ya Lses will get me through so I don’t have to wear the others when it’s hot. We’ll see. I’d really rather not have to order another new pair, seeing as the Vibram website got hacked and my information was compromised. {Yes, I know there are other places to buy them; I just always start there- and they were on sale!}

Not only are the soles starting to wear, but several months ago, one of the toes got a small hole in between the toes. I don’t think these are nearly as well made as the Bikilas. If they ever go back to the original sole {and not the beefed up one for transitioning folks}, I would be inclined to buy the Bikilas again.

Did I mention I had to get new ear buds? AGAIN?! If memory serves, this was right around the time I had to get new shoes, so that piece of stunning news might have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Anyhow. You know I’m seriously picky about what goes in my ears when I run…… I was nearly distraught when I discovered they no longer were offering my Nike Vapor ear buds. I nearly gave up running. *sigh*

But, because I am a trooper and decided I needed to deal with this horrible, life-altering news, I bit the bullet and got myself a pair of YurBuds. Because I was a former behind-the-ear fan, I got the ones that go behind the ear. You are shocked, I know.  focus-100-for-women

Did you see that ^^^^^ there? You know, that part where I said a FORMER fan? What changed my mind?

The YurBuds. I hate the over-the-ear model. HATE. THEM.

Sure, they swivel. But they also come completely apart. And trying to get them in and over the ear without popping them off requires a mirror and tweaking, etc. Seriously? I want to put them in and GO.

What I have discovered, however, is that I don’t need the over-the-ear feature. Nope. I don’t. YurBuds actually stay in the ear like they are supposed to, so the next pair will not have that boat anchor feature. Besides that issue and the one ear piece cover trying to come off all the time, I am actually quite impressed with them. They are ok. And they actually don’t fall out, which is good.

Fortunately, I don’t need to use them a whole lot, courtesy of my new treadmill, which has an mp3 port. My old one finally died after almost 20 years and thousands of miles. Given how much it rains here and that summer is coming {eventually}, I knew it was time to pony up and make that investment. I don’t have a non-blurry picture of this stunning piece of equipment, but I found a good NordicTrac with the same size motor as my old one. Motor size does matter, kids. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lest you think all I’ve been doing while non-writing has been avoiding painting and running, I will let you know right now, mister, that I HAVE NOT. Well, ok, I have been avoiding painting. BUT. I’ve done a lot of knitting. And, I have more peeps. 😀

So, let’s recap. Running in 2014 was pretty sucky. Not a total loss, but this year will be better in that regard. Unless my man comes home, it will likely be as stressful. I am not a good single parent, I’ll tell you. But running will be better, and darn it, there really is stuff outside that has to get painted soon, nevermind everything inside……. stay tuned. Or don’t. 😆

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Yep. I think I might be certifiable. chickencuckoo

I spent yesterday in bed. I am pretty sure old people like me are not made to bounce off the ground. I’m going to be really bruised, but the upside is that I didn’t break a collar-bone or an arm or a leg or my spine.

I can say that not only am I not cut out for getting bucked off horses, I may not even be cut out to ride them. We’ll see.

We did a change in strategy over the weekend. I just didn’t have it in me yesterday to fight.

So, because I didn’t sleep last night worth a hill o’ beans because I was too sore, I did what most people would assume I would do: I went for a run.

After nearly 6 months off, I figured I was so pea pickin’ sore that I might as well tackle it now, so the new soreness will be absorbed by the stuff that’s already here. I’m pretty sure the turkeys across the road could have lapped me had they wanted to, as slowly as I was going.

Nonetheless, I got 3 miles in. While I’ve had a have a hard time lifting my arms the last two days, I figured my legs should be ok.  Any new aches I’m going to get will just have to join the others……………

Ya. Pretty sure I’m crazy. 😯

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  • You know what gels are
  • You might be carrying salt packets with you
  • You’ve thought about buying stock in Vaseline
  • You know what Body Glide is and you’re not afraid to use it in public
  • You view losing toe nails as a badge of honor
  • You’re a guy and you cringe at having more chafed nipples……..
  • And tape is one of your best friends to help those nipples
  • You use RICE almost as much as your Body Glide and Vaseline
  • You know that the afore-mentioned RICE isn’t actually edible
  • You have a daily, ongoing love/hate affair with your roller, which you’ve come to view as a close friend
  • The only kind of shopping that consistently intrigues you is checking out running shoes and gear
  • You have a tech wear preference
  • You look forward to legally getting ‘high’ every day
  • You spend more on your wrist Garmin than on the one in your car
  • You have multiple spread sheets, for things like mileage, speed, routes, and wear on shoes
  • You’re not embarrassed to admit to using head games on yourself, and you’re more than willing to share them with others
  • You know why they’re called the ‘runner’s trots’
  • You feel guilty when you take a URD (unscheduled rest day)
  • You dream you’re running when you’ve taken a few days off
  • You may not have a PR, but you know what one is (personal record)……….. 😆
  • You actually know your mile (and probably kilometer, too!) per minute speed because you’ve got a program to calculate it for you


I’m sure there are plenty more. What are your favorites?

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Have you looked?  Do you usually look? 


Every year around this time, I end up laughing sardonically to myself.

“I just love a clean slate!”

“New year= new beginnings!”

<gag> I mean, really? Do people really believe this? Like, nothing from the past year is going to follow them into this year because it’s a “new calendar?” Or that because it’s the new year, things are just magically going to be “better” because the time meter has been reset?? The short answer is yes, apparently they must because every year, they say the same thing.

Ooooooookkkk- back to reality! I love history. I just don’t live there. 😀

Sir Winston Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Yep. It’s true. The key here is learning.

So many times, people do the same things over and over, each time expecting a different result. Doesn’t work that way. Never has; never will.

Learn something from the past, get over it, and move on already. Play the hand life has dealt you instead of moaning and groaning about better days (like when you were in high school). Don’t let the past keep you trapped, because you can’t escape from self-imposed imprisonment. It’s just not happening.

Get rid of your grudges– they keep you enmeshed, even if you don’t think they do. Why are you continuing to let that/them/him/her/it continue to have that kind of power over you? They don’t care about your grudge, and it’s going to damage you far more than it will them. Let it go……. but learn from the experience- don’t forget it; protect yourself from something similar happening again.

This is why we need to periodically look back. For me, it’s a measure of taking stock- where have I been? What went right? What needs work? Were any of those things things I actually had control over?  😆

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a minute so we can see what my frame of reference is:  2010.

~~~~~~~~~~Intermission music~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh hey. I see you’re back.  🙂

The big rant there, about the medical billing? Yep. It’s still broken. The one bit of information I redently learned from my insurance company was “All emergency room doctors are contractors. None of them work for the hospital.” <gasp!>  😯

That was news to me! I thought only smaller community hospitals were cursed with that! I have no real way of confirming this information, so if you have some kind of concrete evidence, would you point me at it, please? Thanks.

Why, you might ask, is that even on my radar? Well, in August, dd #2 (my now 10-year-old) ended up in the ER with a concussion. I kid you not when I say that the hand of God was on that situation from the get-go, because financially, it could have been a WHOLE lot worse than it turned out to be. (I mean, of course the hand of God is in everything all the time- this was one situation, though, where a person could see it really clearly and know it for what it was.)

Explanation: We here, in our rural community where a larger city is 200 plus miles away in ANY direction, have 2 hospitals. One is relatively new; a private, physician owned venture that is really, really nice. Thanks to the cuts in Medicare and Obamacare, it can’t expand nor can it sustain itself, so it’s being bought out by the other hospital. I’m not sure that’s happened yet, and it’s besides the point.

So, when J started vomiting after goofing around with siblings (something I did not witness), I knew it was time to take her to the emergency room. I’m pretty well convinced that the other hospital will kill you unless you are mostly dead anyhow (ya, this is the one where the head of ER services told me “Everyone has pitting edema in the morning- you are just fine besides the connective tissue disease issue. Get off the internet and stop trying to find something wrong.” Yes, really. Nevermind those pesky chronic illness that other COMPETENT medical professionals have diagnosed.  🙄  😡 ), so my thinking was to take her to the other ER because surely, it had to be better.

Indeed, it was. We were in and out in 2 hours; the CT confirmed a concussion but no bleed (which was a huge relief, because that’s an airlift out). In reality, we were the only ones there.

That was early August. It is now January. A few weeks ago, I got another bill from the emergency doctor’s contracting service, which turned into nearly 2 hours (yes, really) of time waiting on the phone. First, I had to call the service to find out why they hadn’t billed insurance again. (We had already had this conversation in October.) They said they had, and insurance said it needed more information from me.

??? I hadn’t gotten anything from insurance, so I called. Insurance said they couldn’t find a record of a claim. Interestingly, the hospital bill and the labs had been completely paid for by the end of September- apparently, the hospital, which took my information- was able to properly bill insurance with no problem. Somehow, the ER doctor service wasn’t able to take that same information and do anything with it. That bill was for nearly $750.

When I called insurance, it showed that it hadn’t been billed at all. The next logical step was for the insurance company to call the ER doctor service to try to straighten it out- all with ME still on the line……..Granted, most of the time spent was just being on hold, but still…. 2 hours later, it was finally determined that the ER doctors hadn’t actually billed the right place, but now it should be on the right track.

How does this stuff happen?!!! You give your information a single time; to a single person. This person enters that data into the computer, for goodness sakes. And every one but the one gets the billing right? Maddening!

But wait- there’s more!  😆 As it turns out, the new hospital doesn’t actually HAVE pediatric services.  Yep. You read that right. They can deliver the bulk of the babies for the community, and they treat adults, BUT, they cannot admit pediatrics because they are not equipped to do so.


You’d have thought that when we showed up, there would have been a note or something posted- or the person taking our information would have said, “Please be aware that if she needs to be admitted, we are going to call an ambulance to transport her to the other hospital.” Had I known that, I would have taken her there to begin with (where a dear friend actually works in the ER).  It was a given that if she had had a bleed, it would have been a chopper ride out- but first, they would have transported her to the other hospital by ambulance, too, because they are not equipped to do that there for peds.

WTH?!!! Pardon my french, but really? You don’t think you should tell someone that kind of information when they come in with a child that clearly needs medical attention? But see, fortunately, this is where God was clearly *overtly* in charge, because there was no bleed and things went well, all things being considered (we didn’t come home with something like MRSA….).  But when my friend called and let me know what was more likely to have  happened- wow. Just wow. Do people not have consciences?

I think we can conclusively say that medical billing is broken. And while our medical system is broken, I’m still inclined to think it’s considerably better than other countries with socialized healthcare, where people have to wait for eons to get surgeries and other services. At least here, I, the consumer, have the option to shop for doctors, even if I have to fight the payment ring-around-the-rosey later.

I think we can check that off the rants for 2011.  😆

Let’s see- the Stuff issue remains, more or less. Getting a Kindle has been hugely helpful in not adding to the pile of books, so that is good. The other stuff- *sigh*.  Work in progress.

I will say, though, that unlike 2010 which I was glad was dead and buried, 2011 actually DID have some really good points.

I missed not doing our usual travels. I think we all missed not taking out usual vacations. This was due completely to the addition of CHICKENS! If you’ve been reading along, you have no doubt figured out by now that I am totally crazy chicken lady.  :mrgreen:

Not a *single* regret here for getting chickens! Santa even brought Mama some chicken lanterns for Christmas, which add to the chicken calendar, magnets, and ornaments for her birthday.  😀

We’re hoping to get the chicken arrangement more automated so when we do hit the road again, we’ll have it set to where our chicken sitter only really has to come once or twice a day to collect eggs and make sure they all put themselves to bed.

Of course, all of our girls are grown up now and they are all laying eggs. One of these days, I’ll actually get around to taking pictures of the chicken condo, the girls, and their gift of eggs!!  😆

The other “big” thing for me this year came in the form of running shoes. The change to Vibram Five Fingers has been absolutely monumental for me. Because I’m not running with as much pain, I’ve been able to increase my mileage and enter races. 2011 brought me 2 10k races. 

Year end totals for running: 935.76 miles. At the beginning of the year, my goal was 500 miles. At some point, that changed, and I was looking at 800 miles. When that goal got close, it changed to 900. The last few weeks, I had changed the goal again, to 950 miles. 😆

The last week bit me in the rear, though, as I hit a pretty major flare on Christmas Day followed by a tummy bug. I only logged 43.5 miles for last week; my monthly total for December was 205.

How does that break down with the shoes? 308.56 miles were run in my Asics, which leaves 627.2 in my VFFs. I’ll continue to update periodically on my VFFs, as a measure of keeping track of the longevity of these treds. The Holiday Challenge finishes today, so stay tuned for the update coming soon!

Overall, 2011 wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. In fact, it was considerably better than I had hoped! That being said, I can’t confess to having unbridled enthusiasm for 2012.  While I’m cautiously optimistic, I’m probably just too cynical.  😆

2012- looking forward to good things and firsts- like going and collecting eggs, because we haven’t collected eggs at all this year.  😆  And then a run, since I haven’t run at all this year………………. 😆

What are your goals for the coming year?  Do you set any?  Have you looked in your rearview mirror yet?  😀


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Half Way There

Can you believe it?  I know I can’t! Nearly three weeks ago, I started a Holiday Challenge. Today is just over the half-way point (20 days out of 39), so I thought I would share some statistics y’all prolly could care less about.  😆

When we started, we had 275 players, who had pledged nearly 38,000 miles. If people don’t post for 8 days, they are automatically dropped. At this point, we’re down to 263 players, who have pledged 36,650 miles. The database is predicting we’ll hit 39,600 if the pace stays the same (which is unlikely, but hey, quite the goal.)

At this point today, 19,894.41 miles have been logged. This breaks it down to: 3.67 miles per day per member on my team and 3.89 miles a day per runner on the other team. Obviously, this isn’t an accurate reflection of what people are actually doing (because I, for example, only run 5 days a week), but the numbers are fun! The teams are still relatively balanced, too, with the other team just having a single player more than my team.

At this moment, right now, I am on the leaderboard at #50 with my measly 111.25 miles since Thanksgiving Day.  I say measly, because, seriously, there are some crazed folks out there! 😯

On the leaderboard, numbers 10 through 50 are under 200 miles.  Those others?  Sit down for this!  😆

#1- 324.9; F, 30-34

#2-  313.4; M, 55-59

#3- 278; M, 45-49

#4- 272.15; M, 40-45

I’m in 3rd in my age/gender group. I have no illusions that I’ll have a leaderboard finish, either. What I am finding really surprising is how many hardcore runners there are with huge mileage that are over 40.

Seems a lot of people do their long runs on the weekends, and with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day falling on a Saturday and Sunday this year, I think it’s safe to say that I can’t promise to run either of those days, particularly Christmas Day. That means, I won’t be surprised when I fall off the leaderboard on the weekend, if I make it on there that long.  😆

I should hit my pledged 140 miles by the beginning of next week, though, so anything over is total gravy.  😀 I also upped my yearly goal, and I’ll be interested to see if/when I hit that.

You can relax and know that I will share final results for the challenge and my yearly totals. I won’t let you down!  😆

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This is another accidental thing I decided to do.  Yep.  It’s a holiday running challenge.  😆

I’m on the Runner’s World forums, and apparently, they do challenges.  These are a great way to stay motivated during times like, oh, I don’t know, the holidays.  😆

So let’s break it down.

There are two teams; the Running Reindeer and the Galloping Gobblers.  While assignment to a team is completely random and done by the mathematics of the complicated program (that I can’t begin to explain), as a turkey baby this year, I was delighted to become a member of the Gobbler team.

As I understand it, the program sorts folks into teams by mileage.  This year, it appears to be relatively balanced.  One team has 139 players; the other has 136.  I’ve pledged to do 140 miles in the 5 1/2 weeks.  Barring illness, this should be easily doable for me.

275 players. Nearly 38,000 miles pledged.

Yes, that’s right.  Your eyes are not deceiving you- nearly 38,000 miles pledged.  That works out to an average of 3.45 miles per person per day. At this point, I have to assume there may be illness and/or injury.  I am not sure how the program is manipulated or adjusted for those situations, but I know there is a way.

We’re 5 days in.  Apparently, there are folks who will add totals today who have not yet logged their miles mi.  Regardless, here are some numbers to blow your mind

5,459.46 miles have been logged. To put this in perspective, I have logged 24.75 miles in three days of running. (I didn’t run on Thursday and spent Friday in bed)

I am not even ON the leaderboard top 50 runners.  The leader has 84.2 miles; followed by #2 at 76.4 (and today was that person’s rest day- those miles were logged in 4 days!); #3 has 75 miles.  The runners bringing up the leaderboard at numbers #47, #48, #49 and #50 have each logged 30.80 miles. I land at #38 on my team roster.

#1 is a female runner in the 30-34 age group; #2 is a gentleman in the 55-59 age group. #12 is a male in the 60-64 age group with 51.36.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am #8 in my women’s age group. I’m #18 in the overall age group.

(Can you tell how much I ♥♥♥ the data?!)

At this point on Monday (it’s evening at this writing), my team has logged 233.53 miles.  The other team has logged 282.4 and we are 241 miles behind!!!  Holy cow!! But don’t worry- that really comes out to 1.79 miles per player to close the gap.

Obviously, people haven’t all posted, because other daily totals were considerably higher.  For example, yesterday my team did 644.36 miles.  The highest day total (by the other team) was 700.15 miles.

It’s early yet.  I’ll be posting updates, mostly because I find the statistics simply fascinating. (no, really, I do- I’m not exaggerating :lol:)

I joined because I’m running and logging my miles anyhow, and I figured it would be fun to join a team challenge like this. My normal running days, I’d do 7.25, but I’ve been inspired to add another daily mile for ninja miles. It would be nice to get a little bit ahead and help out the team.

Go Gobblers!   


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Nope. I’m not. I didn’t die. I didn’t crash and burn. Actually, I finished way sooner than I had anticipated. What’s up with that?!

Today was the day of the 10k. For those of us not on the metric system, that translates into 6.21371 miles. But who’s counting?  😀

I don’t know what my official time was, but the guy who finished a bit behind me went to his car and did some stretching before turning off his timer, at 1:07. So, I’m going with 1:06. According to my pace chart, that means my mile pace was 10:36, with a kilometer pace of 6:36  I like that one better.  😆

By the time my daughter and my friend got there, I had been done for about 15 minutes. (Really, there is not much to see during a race until people start crossing the finish line- and since I’m not real fast, it’s like, what are they going to do while I’m out there running? Sit in the cold and freeze?) I am still not convinced they didn’t start us early.  😀

Not knowing what to expect, I didn’t push it. I took most of week off, doing 7 on Thursday and only 3.5 yesterday.  I was thinking about not running at all yesterday, but didn’t want my monthly mileage to totally tank, so I did 1/2.

I also knew that if I came home injured, Hunny was going to read me the riot act and would really pitch a fit if I wanted to enter another race. Plus, I haven’t been outside on concrete since my hip stuff a few weeks ago.

While I didn’t push it, I do remember getting to the 2 k turn-around and thinking it would be nice to be done. 😆

The wind *totally* killed me. It was blowing solidly around 20 mph, gusts were I’m thinking at least 35 mph. Did I mention those were sustained winds??  At times it felt like I was crawling and heading into a hurricane. I had the tailwind for a little- it wasn’t blowing that hard when we started, and when we got out into the open, the blowing sand was the pits.

And it was cold. I could have easily done another layer; wish I would have had some gloves. My ears were not too bad, although even after standing in the hot shower for eons, they are still ringing.

There were at least 2 miles plus that were straight headwind and of course, this was the only hilly part of the course. Once we turned, it was back into the wind for the remainder of the race, but at least there were some trees here and there to act as a wind-break. I remember thinking more than once that I need to do some more strength training. I probably should, but thinking about right now just makes me tired. 😀

I didn’t need to worry about the sweat running down my face- it was so windy it was blowing off (and blowing the stuff out of my nose- had no idea that would happen, but thank goodness I packed a ton of tissues!) The coldest part was right before (of course) and then even at the end, when it’s blowing that hard, it feels like it’s 30 degrees. Definitely need some gloves and a hat if I’m running in the real cold next month.

I will be interested on times and stuff. They had me registered and tagged as a guy and we changed it on my tag this morning. No idea how they did the times, but I wonder if they had me grouped in with the men because of what was on their original registration forms. No, it is not unusual for people to think my name belongs to a Mr.

I think they need to make more age groups. And probably one for chronically ill people. And all of those people in that category should automatically get medals just for showing up. Just sayin’. 😉

Much to my relief, I did not get lost. Things were pretty clearly marked. Because it was so cold, I didn’t need any hydration. I considered it on the way back, but there wasn’t anything ready and waiting, (and no garbage cans??) so I passed. No biggy.

Next time, I am starting further ahead. I started back with the 2 k people (including the walkers) and had to pass them all. I am absolutely certain I was bringing up the rear once we went past the 2k turn-around. Although, there were people who finished later than I did on the 10 course, so I’ll have to mull that one over.

No idea how many went at this time- my guess would be somewhere around 50??  I’ll be interested to see final numbers.

There was a single other lady wearing VFFs- she was a 10 k walker.  I didn’t talk to her and ask her which ones she had, but they were blue.  I totally ♥ed the feeling of the road, fwiw. I saw a single person I knew (and it wasn’t the lady with the VFFs); dunno, seemed like there was some cliquey stuff going on.  🙄

So, that’s my race report. I didn’t die. I don’t feel injured. I ran/jogged the whole way. And I didn’t die (that’s especially important to me).  😆

Now I’m hungry, so I’ll eat and read until I fall asleep. That’s my exciting race day. 😎

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What to do, what to do….

Hunny wants my docs (rheumies) to sign off on me running any kind of distance on concrete/pavement/anything without cushion. He is worried that I am going to hurt myself and that’s going to result in me going down for more than a few days. The last time he was insistent I not do something because he thought it was going to physically harm me (although it had nothing to do with running), I ended up in such bad shape that I nearly ended up in the hospital and in bed pretty solidly for two weeks.

My argument is that the mileage is fine (10k) and I’m prepared for that.  Worst case scenario, I could either walk or not finish if something happened.

He has a voice, of course, because when I’m incapacitated (as I was earlier this week), he’s the one picking up the pieces and filling in. He doesn’t mind when it’s a freak or unexpected thing, but when it’s something I’ve set out to do despite his reservations and it goes bad, he’s not a happy camper.

Tuesday I had a weird funky episode about 45 minutes after my run.  I haven’t ever had anything like that happen before, and I haven’t had anything similar since. I was really glad I wasn’t driving, to say the least. Tuesday pm was spent in bed; some of Wednesday pm was spent in bed; I spent all of yesterday pm in bed (and really crashed hard).

I cannot argue with the logic, and certainly, in light of this new thing on Tuesday, one can counter and say that there will be other races, yada yada yada.

Obviously, I’m disappointed. To not run now, when I’ve spent the last 3 weeks really focused on this, in many ways would feel like a cop-out (even though logically I know I have real health issues that I can’t ignore). I’m annoyed to feel like I’m chickening out and “using” my illnesses as an excuse to not enter something I know I’ll have an awful finish time in.  😆

Even though my time will be atrocious (as in, some of the 10k walkers will finish with better time), the whole point for me was to set a goal and go for it, even just to finish (and yes, I keep telling myself that, in hopes I will some day believe it- honestly, I have a competitive streak and I like to do well; but here again, I know where I’m at now). The next race I’d probably have better time and longer, focused training under my belt.

The next one on the schedule is in December, and I am not sure I can physically run in colder temps (because of my Raynaud’s), because I’m supposed to gear up and avoid cold as much as possible. I’d really rather not run a sustained purple/blue, and in good conscience, I cannot say that any extent of time without blood in one’s appendages is smart and worth the possible/probably outcome. I am certain that my docs will NOT be keen on a winter run.

In all reality, that run would be out, unless it was balmy and 50 degrees, which hey, might happen. Last year, that was during our cold snap, where we had a week of sub-zero temps, with highs around -11 and -14. That weather was a total oddity, though, and unlikely to ever happen again. Most likely, it’ll be 40s to 50s, which really is not very cold for normal folks.

If that thing on Tuesday hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t think twice. I would be confident with no reservations, unless my hip was still in bad shape like it was last week.

But that thing- honestly, it left me a little shaken and concerned (mostly because we haven’t ruled out a heart issue, too :roll:), and I can’t say it can/should be entirely disregarded. I’ve dealt with so many weird, one-time bizarre things it would make your head spin (like the one time I could walk for over an hour)- but that’s the point- they are one time things and then I never have another episode.

What to do…… what to do…… anybody ever dealt with this kind of situation?  Give me your two cents, please!


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I’m Crazy

Tell ya somethin’ ya didn’t already know, right?  😆

While there are many reasons on any given day to illustrate this point, today it has to do with my thinking. As in, the stuff banging around in my head the few weeks.

Now that it’s getting cooler (in theory) and surely by the time November rolls around it should be cooler yet, I’m seriously thinking about entering a race.  I could start with a 2k, or even a 5k.  I checked the race schedule, and the only thing coming up is either a 20k, 10k or 2k.  Dearie me.

I’m thinking about the 10k.

I must be crazy, because the last time I did any competitive racing was when I was running cross-country in high school. And now I want to start back with a 10k? Yep. Ca-ra-zy.

Doing a marathon has *never* been on my bucket list. I might accidentally complete one (just not all at one time), but it’s not something I aspire to. I haven’t been feeling that good long enough to justify thinking about killing myself over something silly like a run.

I was really looking for a 5k, though. The more I got to thinking, the more I think that a 10k is not out of the realm of possibilities. I regularly run 5 miles. A 5k is 3.1 miles. That means a 10k (for all you math whizzes out there) is only 6.2 miles. I would have no problem doing that. Nope, not a problem in the least, especially since there is a month to really prepare.

Thing is, though, I need someone to train with- outside.   I know y’all are shocked. Given my limitations with the heat, and mostly where my health is concerned, I am a treadmill runner. Now that my pain seems to be mostly under control and because it’s getting cooler, I don’t think it would be an issue to get back outside and start training, but I need someone to train with (mostly, to have the ability to call 9-1-1 if need be). If I thought I could get her ready, I would do it with my oldest daughter.  I don’t think a month is enough time for her, though.

Do you know anyone?

I figure there are older old geezers out there on race day, and they all end up at the finish line alive- why not me?

Yep. Crazy. I’ll let you know if a return to sanity happens before race day.  😆

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You know I don’t usually do this.  Actually, I have never done this before (make a blog post out of something I saw on Facebook).  This one, though, was too funny to pass by.

If you’ve been reading along, you may have stumbled across my What A Pain! post, where I share my exercise history and love of yoga.  While I primarily run these days, I’m still doing about 30 minutes of yoga as part of my warm-up, cool-down and stretching regime.

Language alert for anyone concerned.  No idea if this is a real  Craigslist ad or not, but it’s funny, and apparently copyrighted by Craigslist Inc. Courtesty of the Bikram Hot Yoga Albuquerque page on Facebook……


Yoga mat for sale. Used once – $1

Date: 2011-09-17, 8:41PM PDT

Reply to: sale-vuyvq-2604350472@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Yoga mat for sale. Used once at lunch hour class. Usage timeline as follows:



Register for hot yoga class. Infinite wisdom tells me to commit to 5 class package and purchase a yoga mat. I pay $89.74. Money well spent, I smugly confirm to myself.



Open door to yoga room. A gush of hot dry air rushes through and past me. It smells of breath, sweat and hot. Take spot on floor in back of room next to cute blonde. We will date.



I feel the need to be as near to naked as possible. This is a problem because of the hot blonde to my left and our pending courtship. She will not be pleased to learn that I need to lose 30 pounds before I propose to her.



The shirt and sweats have to come off. I throw caution to the wind and decide to rely on my wit and conditioning to overcome any weight issues my fiancée may take issue with. This will take a lot of wit and conditioning.



Begin small talk with my bride to be. She pretends to ignore me but I know how she can be. I allow her to concentrate and stare straight ahead and continue to pretend that I don’t exist. As we finish sharing our special moment, I am suddenly aware of a sweat moustache that has formed below my nose. This must be from the all the whispering between us.



Instructor enters the room and ascends her special podium at the front of the room. She is a slight, agitated Chinese woman. She introduces me to the class and everyone turns around to greet me just as I decide to aggressively adjust my penis and testes packed in my Under Armor. My bride is notably unfazed.



Since I do have experience with Hot Yoga (4 sessions just 5 short years ago) I fully consider that I may be so outstanding and skilled that my instructor may call me out and ask me to guide the class. My wife will look on with a sparkle in her eye. We will make love after class.



It is now up to 95 degrees in the room. We have been practicing deep breathing exercises for the last 8 minutes. This would not be a problem if we were all breathing actual, you know, oxygen. Instead, we are breathing each other’s body odor, expelled carbon dioxide and other unmentionables. (Don’t worry, I’ll mention them later.)



It is now 100 degrees and I take notice of the humidity, which is hovering at about 90%. I feel the familiar adorning stare of my bride and decide to look back at her. She appears to be nauseated. I then realize that I forgot to brush my teeth prior to attending this class. We bond.



It is now 110 degrees and 95% humidity. I am now balancing on one leg with the other leg crossed over the other. My arms are intertwined and I am squatting. The last time I was in this position was 44 years ago in the womb, but I’m in this for the long haul. My wife looks slightly weathered dripping sweat and her eyeliner is streaming down her face. Well, “for better or worse” is what we committed to so we press on.



The overweight Hispanic man two spots over has sweat running down his legs. At least I think its sweat. He is holding every position and has not had a sip of water since we walked in. He is making me look bad and I hate him.



I consider that if anyone in this room farted that we would all certainly perish.



It is now 140 degrees and 100% humidity. I am covered from head to toe in sweat. There is not a square millimeter on my body that is not slippery and sweaty. I am so slimy that I feel like a sea lion or a maybe sea eel. Not even a bear trap could hold me. The sweat is stinging my eyeballs and I can no longer see.



This room stinks of asparagus, cloves, tuna and tacos. There is no food in the room. I realize that this is an amalgamation of the body odors of 30 people in a 140 degree room for the last 55 minutes. Seriously, enough with the asparagus, ok?



140 degrees and 130% humidity. Look, bitch, I need my space here so don’t get all pissy with me if I accidentally sprayed you with sweat as I flipped over. Seriously, is that where this relationship is going? Get over yourself. We need counseling and she needs to be medicated. Stat!



150 degrees and cloudy. And hot. I can no longer move my limbs on my own. I have given up on attempting any of the commands this Chinese chick is yelling out at us. I will lay sedentary until the aid unit arrives. I will buy this building and then have it destroyed.

I lose consciousness.



I have a headache and my wife is being a selfish bitch. I can’t really breathe. All I can think about is holding a cup worth of hot sand in my mouth. I cannot remember what an ice cube is and cannot remember what snow looks like. I consider that my only escape might be a crab walk across 15 bodies and then out of the room. I am paralyzed, and may never walk again so the whole crab walk thing is pretty much out.



I cannot move at all and cannot reach my water. Is breathing voluntary or involuntary? If it’s voluntary, I am screwed. I stopped participating in the class 20 minutes ago. Hey, lady! I paid for this frickin class, ok?! You work for me! Stop yelling at everyone and just tell us a story or something. It’s like juice and cracker time, ok?



It is now 165 degrees and moisture is dripping from the ceiling. The towel that I am laying on is no longer providing any wicking or drying properties. It is actually placing additional sweat on me as I touch it. My towel reeks. I cannot identify the smell but no way can it be from me. Did someone spray some stank on my towel or something?



Torture session is over. I wish hateful things upon the instructor. She graciously allows us to stay and ‘cool down’ in the room. It is 175 degrees. Who cools down in 175 degrees? A Komodo Dragon? My wife has left the room. Probably to throw up.



My opportunity to escape has arrived. I roll over to my stomach and press up to my knees. It is warmer as I rise up from ground level – probably by 15 degrees. So let’s conservatively say it’s 190. I muster my final energy and slowly rise. One foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other. Towards the door. Towards the door.



The temperature in the lobby is 72 degrees. Both nipples stiffen to diamond strength and my penis begins to retract into my abdomen from the 100 degree temp swing. I can once again breathe though so I am pleased. I spot my future ex wife in the lobby. We had such a good thing going but I know that no measure of counseling will be able to unravel the day’s turmoil and mental scaring.



Arrive at Emerald City Smoothie and proceed to order a 32 oz beverage. 402 calories, 0 fat and 14 grams of protein — effectively negating any caloric burn or benefit from the last 90 minutes. I finish it in 3 minutes and spend the next 2 hours writing this memoir.



Create Craigslist ad while burning final 2 grams of protein from Smoothie and before the “shakes” consume my body.



Note to self – check car for missing wet yoga towel in am.



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