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Milestones are bittersweet.  Reaching a new one means growth, but also never a return to this point and time. You can never go back; only look forward.

Tonight, I am pleased to share, my girls put themselves to bed by themselves.  Why is this important? It means we no longer have to play football to get them where we want them. 😀

Yep, my chicken girlies are growing up.  😆 

The past two nights, we had to hustle them around, scoop them up and pitch them through the spring-loaded door. This was a 3 person effort: me scooping and chucking; my oldest dd blocking the open door with her arms and keeping them inside, and Hunny on the outside, manning the door control.

The spring is taut keeping it open, but lax when the door is closed.  In theory, this means that it would take a team of raccoons to wrangle/slide the door open; one or more on the outside, standing up (or a racoon ladder of one standing on the other’s shoulders standing on another’s shoulders) at least 4  feet off the ground, while the others (who would have had to dig under the run) got through the door on the inside of the run.  Did I mention that once the door is open, because of the tension, the cord has to be wound to keep it from springing shut?

So, I feel pretty good about them being secure at night.  The whole back side opens, but that would take a bear to rip it off, as long as the screws are that close it. I don’t think anything is getting in that way. 🙂

Tonight, we put their little solar light inside and waited.  As usual, they were mashed into one corner of the run, waiting for us to take pity on them and bring them inside the house (They used to wait outside the back door, and when we’d open it, in they would come inside-  except for Rocky, who always flew up and hitched a ride on someone’s back or shoulder.  I know, I know, I should have gotten a picture, but we moved them outside a day before I expected, and now it would just be cruel to tease them :lol:). 

Hunny pitched a bolillo roll in their coop and then we waited.  The run and coop is outside my window in the office, so I can see them when I’m sitting at my desk. By 8:15 pm, they were all inside playing hockey with the roll.  I could hear them clucking and banging around while I crept around the backside to shut their door, hoping they wouldn’t notice me.

Anyhow. Just had to share.  My girls are growing up.  *sigh*  😆

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