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“Then the man turned.
It was Seth Kincaid.
Alive and well. He’d be better off dead.
She could arrange that.
She still had her gun.”

Callie had no choice but to leave her Texas home and go chase her wayward husband. He’d survived the Civil War, but she’s not sure his demons will allow his to remember her. overtheedge

Out of options, she headed to Colorado with their baby in tow, in search of the Kincaid family ranch. Why had he discarded her? Why hadn’t he come for her already?

Hoping the parson had gotten enough time to go for help, she waited for rescue, blood pouring from her wound. She started to relax, as her rescuer came into sight.

And then he turned.

While dodging the bullets she was shooting at him, fingers of recognition wafted through Seth’s mind. “The memory conjured up a pleasant feeling in his chest. Which sure didn’t match with the threat and the gunfire.”

The stagecoach hold-up was not the first obstacle to deal with, but even after having gotten shot, it might well be the easiest, for all the good finding her husband had done.

Not knowing who she was was- but that he’d held her before, Seth scooped her up onto his horse and raced her to town; praying she wouldn’t die. Seth didn’t have time to be shocked at the revelation that she had sparked a prayer, after all those years ago when “he’d paid for survival with his soul.” That afternoon was the last time he’d prayed- until now.

Will she survive her injuries and if she does, will he let her come to the ranch? Will he ever remember her?

If you’ve read any of the other titles in The Kincaid Brides series, you’ll no doubt remember Seth’s struggles. Being burned in a cave as a child combined with the war have left him in a cycle of constantly fighting the demons in his mind.

It seemed to me I had reviewed the first book in the series, Out of Control, but I don’t see that I had. Our move has totally thrown my sense of timing off, because when I “found” this title unpacking, I immediately remembered the characters like I had just read the other book a very short time ago.

That is the sign of a good author- one that writes characters that stick with you despite the passage of significant time. 🙂 Normally, I read titles in a series in sequence if I can, and if I miss one, I generally won’t go back to read the missing book. This series, however, has been so enjoyable that I probably will go back for the second book, even though I know the end result.

There are few authors that go onto my “must read” list, but Mary Connealy is one that goes onto that list without a second thought. I give this title 5 out of 5 stars.

Because this book was so much fun to read, I’m going to throw you the trailer. 😀


You might also enjoy Mary Connealy’s website, that has all of her titles.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for this unbiased review.

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