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Starting Something New

It’s been declared that it’s time. It’s time to pursue something new; something that’s been a goal and desire for some time now. The farewell speech has been written, proofread, and shared.

Wings have been spread; flight has begun.

Yes, my daughter has left the clan to create and lead a new one.  😆 Hunny, of course, is right there with her. They think he’s her mother.  😆

I am not a gamer. I live with those who are, though. In the early days, the three of them would go marauding around together. I was not thrilled with online gaming, and didn’t want the kids out there unsupervised. So Hunny “sacrificed” himself to go along and supervise.

Initially, the three of them were in there, all “girls” (female characters) banging around together. It was, if nothing else, a good learning experience for the boy, who was on the receiving end of being constantly hit upon. At some point, his stuff got hacked or somehow cleaned out, and he left, disgusted. He’s got another game going, though, that Hunny can pop in and out on and supervise.

Today, the girl left the clan, to start her own. She and Daddy are off on their own, starting over, and it will be interesting to see how this new “clan” developes. I just think it’s funny.

One thing I think that is interesting and alternatively sad is how people view their avatars (characters). Some people are so wrapped up in the game that they miss what’s going on in the real world. Some also believe that the avatar is a reflection- an extension of themselves; their alter ego(s). Can you see me shaking my head?

Thank goodness the youngest two are not old enough for that yet. I will be really sad if I lose all my kids to the gaming world. If that does eventually happen, I might actually have to join them, if I can put down my book long enough.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to be happy that we’re all in the same room, even if they are gaming and I am running……

Starting something new- it can change your “life.”  😆  😉

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