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The Bridge of Peace; Cindy Woosdsmall 

The Bridge of Peace; Cindy Woodsmall

This is a book with a solid story line. It has it all – suspense, soul-searching, tragedy, complicated relationships and a bit of romance – set to the backdrop of an Old Amish community. The author weaves together the stories of the local schoolteacher and a childhood friend, who also happens to be on the school board. They both face challenges in their lives; she struggles to make a life despite a birthmark that leaves her judged; he struggles to connect with his wife in their dead marriage.

Initially, the amount of characters was a bit overwhelming, trying to remember who was who and how they were related. Once I finished the book, I saw the list of main characters in the back of the book.  I wish this list had been in the front of the book, so as I began reading (which was my first book to read in this series), I could have used the list for reference instead of reading back and having to sort through on my own.

I would like to read the other book in the series, but as a stand-alone book, the reader is pretty quickly brought up to speed. The author set up several scenarios for disaster (at least in my mind), but those didn’t play out. I liked that the plot was not completely predictable.

I would read other books by this author, and would recommend it to folks who liked reading stories of this nature.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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