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Seriously. I have not laughed this hard in a really long time.

I’ll write about our recent journey later, but let me begin by saying that at some point, some stations really ought to think about playing more than just the same 10 songs over and over. Thank goodness for the weekend top whatever countdown, because it gave us more than those same 10.

One of the reasons we stayed with Sirius satellite radio in the truck is because when we travel, we hate hitting the dead zones where there is nothing to listen to, and/or you have two choices. We’ve also gotten lazy in our old age, because no longer is there a thrill in putting together a gazillion mp3 discs. And there really is no fun in plugging in the Ipod, either.

So Sirius (XM) it has been for the last several years. This trip, however, kind of burnt us out on new pop music channels because of the lack of variety. On the way home, we turned it to Hair Nation (channel 39, for those that don’t already know this), which for all practical purposes, is an awesome family channel for us. It’s the complete intergenerational sing-a-long station for our family!

One song we didn’t get tired of on the other channel though, is Somebody That I Used to Know (Goyte). Freaky video though, eh?

I love to see a variety of spins on a song. You’ve been warned, so now is the time to click away. Unless you are a Star Wars fan- and then you’ll want to see the first one at least. 😆

What Happened to the Star Wars That I Used to Know?


I confess to also having really liked the Glee version, too……….


Heh, of course, there’s nothing quite like the Gotye original………


And there you have it. A nice little education into one of my current favorite songs. 😀 If there are versions you think I should check out, leave me a comment with a link!

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