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I think it’s safe to say I won’t die running races.  😆

Yep.  I did another 10k.  :mrgreen:

This time, I came home with a medal.  I got 3rd place in my age group. (Ok, there might have only been the three of us- I don’t really know 😆 but still- a medal!)  I’ll be really interested to see where I landed over all.

I took 5 minutes off my time and came in at 64:15 with a 10:21 minute mile.  I had to watch out for ice; there was still some snow (particularly on the bridges) and the course was pretty hilly this time.  No wind, thank goodness, but there were a few times I was wondering if I was going to have enough traction to make it up the hill.  😆

I also won a 40 lb (heck, it might have been more than that, since it was literally a struggle to carry the thing) fruit basket for best outfit.  I decided not to wear my flashing antler headband, but I had some wreathy ribbon things in my barrettes; I was wearing a neon green jacket, red gloves; I had a holiday bandana (which I didn’t end up using but it was cute); I had some tinsely hair bands on both wrists and ankles, but I am convinced what sealed the deal was my ornament necklace.

We found a tube of plastic mid-size ornaments (with sparkle!!) in the $1 bin at Target.  J (dd#2) strung them together with green embroidery floss and I wore them around my neck.  Now, I will admit the sound was driving me nuts nearly right away, but I managed to put most of them on my back to cut down on the noise. I’m sure the others on the course were really glad I didn’t wear the Christmasy jingle dog collar that I learned would fit.  😆 The original plan was to wrap silver tinsel around my legs, but once I got there and learned the judging was happening at the end, well, it just seemed more practical to skip it.

The spouse was worried about getting frostbite in minimalist shoes, but shoot.  Once you get going (as I’ve tried repeatedly to explain), it feels like it’s at least 20 degrees warmer than it is, and honestly, I was fine.  I had debated about wearing my Injini toe socks, but decided against it. As it was, I was wearing double tights, shorts, my long sleeve compression shirt; tech fleece and then my tech outer shell puffy jacket.  By mile 2 I was thinking “Dear God, why didn’t I listen and leave the jacket behind?”  😆  I tied it around my waist.  Just after we turned around (somewhere around mile 3.5, I think), the gloves came off and stayed off.  It was 35 degrees when we started and not much warmer when it ended.  I had my fleece headband around my ears, and while I brought my cap, I certainly did not need it.  Next time, I’ll know.

So, there you have it. I can run in the cold and wet and not have disastrous results.  In this case, the hardest part of the race was carrying the fruit basket out to my truck- really!  😆

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