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Another thing to know about me is that I have chronically itchy feet.

Yep. I do.

I am pretty sure in a former life I was a gypsy. 😆

What a contradiction, eh? An introverted traveler. 😀

Seriously, though, traveling is in my blood- so much so, that one of my more frequent dreams {besides running when I’ve been slacking; like now, for example :lol:} is driving. Usually in the dream, it’s highway driving. Before we moved, that highway driving was the single highway driving out north east; the route to anything northeast of here. That was the road “to the green,” as I fondly thought of it. And I was driving it in my dreams a few times a week. 😆

It then, should come as no surprise that I’ve been known to drive around seemingly aimlessly; just for the point of driving. 😀 In reality, there has always been a method to my madness. 😀

Before we moved, I spend serious time on the local roads, trying to find the right spot to build. We actually had found a 5 acre plot several years ago, that we had decided to build on until we tested the water. Yikes.

Having a whole-house RO (reverse osmosis) system was not what we wanted to do with a large chunk of the budget, because that was in addition to the other necessary water treatment processes.  Replacing all the pipes in a few years due to the off-the-chart mineral content in the water –IF you could get water- wasn’t in the budget, either.

Nonetheless, I did what I could to obtain quotes. One of the only groups who did those kinds of things gave a cost somewhere around $40,000 {if I remember right} for the necessary systems, and then went on to seriously advise me against it. Turns out, the water in that rocky volcanic part of the country was very nearly untreatable if you had to get an Artesian well.

Now, there are some that may argue, but honestly, there is a REASON no one is building out there, AND there’s a real reason that the city hasn’t gotten permits to set more water meters. Basically, you are on your own and it’s a crap shoot.  And YES, we had the water tested by a professional who just happens to be a good friend, {waving to J :lol:}

It was probably a given that we would have also had to have an Artesian well. Did I mention that one of the deepest Artesian wells in Roswell is a mile and a half deep? I doubt we would have had to go that deep, but it was still a crap shoot that we would even hit anything {despite the surveys being provided}. The combination was unfortunate, and we decided not to build.

You might be wondering why, if there is nothing out there in the desert and the water so bad on that side of town, why not build on the other side of town?

We had a few requirements. We didn’t want to see junk. If you’re anywhere out in the country, you no doubt know what I’m talking about {and this is no offense to those living in trailer homes! :D}. One of the biggest things when you buy and sell a home is location. You can change your house; your neighbors can change, but you cannot change your location. You also can’t change the people around you who are living on their country properties.

And- it’s important to protect the value of your investment, unless you plan on living out the rest of your days in the home, which we, of course, we were not {as in, first chance we had to get out of the desert, we would take- even though it didn’t come for 17 years :lol:}. So yes, we were {and are} picky about what kind of a view we have. It’s a priority that the surrounding homes are similar in structure so that appraisals come back right.

On the west side of town, the water wasn’t so much an issue, but there the issue was the ground. The ground was notorious for moving, based on the high clay content. When I say ‘moving,’ you can assume I mean ‘causing your home to crack terribly.’

I remember being freaked out when we first moved there, because all the houses had cracks- cracks in the walls, cracks in the ceilings. Every single house had cracks.

In fact, the one main pool installer’s company had said they would no longer put in any fiberglass pools on that side of town because they had a tendency to, um, lift and stuff, which meant they had a ton of warranty work to do. They weren’t also keen on doing gunite pools, but it was better than the alternative.

But I digress. The main point there is that the water was better on the west side of town, but the ground moved more. And after years {yes, literally years} of driving around and around the country roads, I pretty well knew them all inside and out.

Did I mention that they are mostly straight lines? When you are in the desert and don’t have things like trees and water to build around, it’s very easy to lay roads out on grids. 😆

Yesterday, I decided to get familiar with my surroundings. 😆

I don’t mind saying that I went out with the intent of getting lost and seeing where a few specific roads went.

I am here to say that my sense of direction is non-existent, even if the compass in my truck tells what direction I’m going in. 😆

The roads out here are wind-y, y’all! They start out in one direction, and before you know it, you’ve gone all the other 3 directions and you haven’t seen a cross road! It is bizarre!

I started out my travels on a road that headed north. Somehow, it totally turned east and south and then I turned around, made the loop, and went right past where we started. I kid you not.

The ‘big thing’ of the day that I was looking for was the lake. When we were out at the house the second time, the lovely elderly neighbor man came to see what we were doing say hi. The realtor hadn’t gotten there yet, so we got to talking a bit.

Apparently, there is a lake out here somewhere that is private, but if you lived right around it in the area, you could join the private club. From the sounds of it, you could do a lifetime membership for cheap and because the original members were all near his age, it sounded like we’d pretty nearly have the place to ourselves. He didn’t draw a map, but he gave us directions.

Ya. Like I knew any of the road names by that point? We hadn’t even been here a week! 😆

But, I was bound and determined to find it the day before yesterday. Off I went, with a full tank of gas and two little girls in the back seat.

I’m very glad to say I found the state park 13 miles away after close to an hour of driving. 😆

I did, though, finally find the lake. At least I think it’s the one he was talking about.

It is fantastic!

There was even a little waterfall {didn’t get a picture}, and there was not just the lake, but also river access. I can see some kayaks in our future!

As I was making the pass numerous times, I noticed the bones in the road. I had never seen such a thing; a whole skeleton picked clean and lying in the middle of the road. Finally about the 5th time, I stopped and took pictures. Because the head was missing, I’m not really sure what this is.

Any guesses?

Sadly, by the time Hunny and I went back to the lake after work, someone had driven through them and smashed them all up. 😦 I’m glad I took a picture when I did.

Because life is a soundtrack, I bring you Roll The Bones, courtesy of Rush…………..


{Although, honestly, ‘bones in the road’ kept making me think of “Pants on the Ground” so you’ll have to suffer through that one too. My gift to you:  😆 }


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