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Sent to Bed

“Uh oh,” you might be wondering, “who got sent to bed, and what did they do?” I got sent to bed. And that was after a nap!  My wiser half decided I was too sick to get out of bed, so he sent me back.  I got dinner in bed and a movie plugged in, which was very nice.

Remember me saying earlier that I couldn’t sustain that crazy pace and hoped I wouldn’t get sick? Well, ya. I should have knocked on wood.

To be fair, this past week was spent being around several pretty sick people, so in some regard, it’s not surprising that I have ended up with a viral something.  I have been fighting something off and on for over a month anyhow, and it seems this was the final push. Fall and winter seem to be the worst time for my allergies, so I’ve been snorkly for a while, which was the primary reason I took so much time off running. It always surprises me, though, how fast things settle in my chest.

I did run yesterday, but I split the miles 1/2 and 1/2 because my lungs have been junky and I knew I had a lot to get done during the day and couldn’t afford to run out of energy.  I also took it easy on myself because I knew this weekend was going to be busy and full of preparation, and since I’m on a time limit, I really do need to make sure I don’t totally crash and burn.

I guess I should get to it.  I’ve been up for about an hour, and am already tired and ready for a nap.  It’s also my oldest daughter’s birthday, and that would have meant company if I wasn’t sick.  There are still cupcakes to make, but my guess is that she’ll want to make them herself. I’m hoping to get at least some laundry done before I end up back in bed.  And then I may dig back into the dwindling stack of unseen movies.  🙂

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