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Have you been waiting with bated breath?  I know I sure have! 😉

Results via the paper today- time was 1:09:38.  That gives me a time of 11:13 per, which is still better than I thought. What’s interesting is that the gentleman whose Iphone time I was going off of is listed as having a time of 9 minutes behind me. Seeing as I passed him around mile out from the finish and wasn’t going that much faster (I didn’t think) this strikes me as odd.

I think the solution to this is going to be to ask at the actual finish (look on the sticker) and compare to a stop watch. That’s more stuff to have to go out and find, but I guess that’s the only way I’ll be comfortable. Or I could diddle with my ipod (nano), but I think the watch will be easier.

I wasn’t last, either, which is surprising, because I didn’t think there were that many people (including several men) behind me.  I must have really been zoned out.

So there we have it in print.  I finished and didn’t die.  😆

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.  :mrgreen:

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