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I’m pretty sure I see them.  I’m also pretty sure the heavens have opened and I can hear angles singing. 

Indeed, there is big news in my house this morning. I honestly did not see this coming. I was pretty sure I would never see this happen.

We can say two things for certain:

1) That’s what I get for thinking, 😆 and

2) Wonders never cease.

Of course, I could add in there this bit about God being good and the Bible actually being right, but I’m going to assume you know those are givens, so I won’t.

What has me flying high with the pigs this morning? (you mean, besides Carmina Burana coming from hunny’s computer? {I’ll do a post on that fabulous piece of music later})

Are you sitting down? Please, go ahead. I’ll wait.

There. Are you in your chair yet? Good.

You might also want to get your Polident ready for cleaning your teeth after you get them up off the ground.

Ok. Here goes……….

Harold Camping has apologized.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Indeed. He did.

I first stumbled across the news while poking around yesterday. The headline that grabbed my attention was this: Harold Camping Admits He Was Wrong About End Of World Prediction.  

I’m pretty sure that had you been sitting next to me, you would have heard my audible gasp.

Why, you might ask?

If you haven’t been reading along, I’d suggest you start here: Waiting For The Rapture.

Once you’re done with that, read this: I’m Still Here.

Still, this stuck me with, and I thought about this for a while……………Post Non-Rapture Ponderings.

Unfortunately, I was remiss in not writing about the non-end of the world in October, 2011. I assume there must have been something else really important going on that  got me sidetracked, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was……….

Now that you’re all caught up, you can see why Harold Camping’s apology is so important, can’t you? In fact, I am SO stuck by this, that I’m sharing his letter below, as posted on the Family Radio website.

An Important Letter from Mr. Camping – March 2012


“God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.” Romans 3:4Dear Family Radio Family,

In this time of confusion and turmoil, God’s Word remains the only truth in which we can trust.  God has shown us again the truth that He alone is true.  In Romans 3:4 God declares: “Let God be true but every man a liar.”  Events within the last year have proven that no man can be fully trusted.  Even the most sincere and zealous of us can be mistaken.

The May 21 campaign was an astounding event if you think about its impact upon this world.  There is no question that millions, if not billions of people heard for the first time the Bible’s warning that Jesus Christ will return.  Huge portions of this world that had never read or seen a Bible heard the message the Christ Jesus is coming to rapture His people and destroy this natural world. 

Yes, we humbly acknowledge we were wrong about the timing; yet though we were wrong God is still using the May 21 warning in a very mighty way.  In the months following May 21 the Bible has, in some ways, come out from under the shadows and is now being discussed by all kinds of people who never before paid any attention to the Bible.  We learn about this, for example, by the recent National Geographic articles concerning the King James Bible and the Apostles.  Reading about and even discussing about the Bible can never be a bad thing, even if the Bible’s authenticity is questioned or ridiculed.  The world’s attention has been called to the Bible.

We must also openly acknowledge that we have no new evidence pointing to another date for the end of the world.  Though many dates are circulating, Family Radio has no interest in even considering another date.   God has humbled us through the events of May 21,  to continue to even more fervently search the Scriptures (the Bible), not to find dates, but to be more faithful in our understanding.

We have learned the very painful lesson that all of creation is in God’s hands and He will end time in His time, not ours!  We humbly recognize that God may not tell His people the date when Christ will return, any more than He tells anyone the date they will die physically.

We realize that many people are hoping they will know the date of Christ’s return.  In fact for a time Family Radio fell into that kind of thinking.  But we now realize that those people who were calling our attention to the Bible’s statement that “of that day and hour knoweth no man” (Matthew 24:36 & Mark 13:32), were right in their understanding of those verses and Family Radio was wrong.  Whether God will ever give us any indication of the date of His return is hidden in God’s divine plan.

We were even so bold as to insist that the Bible guaranteed that Christ would return on May 21 and that the true believers would be raptured. Yet this incorrect and sinful statement allowed God to get the attention of a great many people who otherwise would not have paid attention. Even as God used sinful Balaam to accomplish His purposes, so He used our sin to accomplish His purpose of making the whole world acquainted with the Bible. However, even so, that does not excuse us. We tremble before God as we humbly ask Him for forgiveness for making that sinful statement. We are so thankful that God is so loving that He will forgive even this sin.

So we must be satisfied to humbly wait upon God, and trust He will guide His people to safety.  At Family Radio, we continue to look to God for guidance.  If it is His good pleasure for us to continue on with our original mission, the proclamation of the Gospel, God’s Word, then we must continue to look to Him.

We consider you to be a real part of this ministry and the tremendous opportunities which God, by His unfathomable mercy and grace, continues to give to us. And, your steadfast involvement and support is so appreciated!

May God bless you, Harold Camping and the staff of Family Radio.

And that, my friends, is why I was gasping out loud. He admits he was wrong. He admits his sin.

I’m not going to take issue with his definition of “for a time” being different from mine, in that I don’t necessarily consider 25 years to just be “for a time.” I’d have to defer to Abraham and Sarah for their perspective………

I’m also not quite sure that there needed to be the bravado of pointing out that because of his error, the world became acquainted with the Bible……”The May 21 campaign was an astounding event if you think about its impact upon this world.  There is no question that millions, if not billions of people heard for the first time the Bible’s warning that Jesus Christ will return.  Huge portions of this world that had never read or seen a Bible heard the message the Christ Jesus is coming to rapture His people and destroy this natural world.” 

I’m not sure that statement actually reflects humility. I’ll have to think about that some more. I’d really, really like to think that he genuinely repents and truly sees his wrong-doing.

Sometimes, the best apology is a simple two sentences. I’d feel a lot better if he’d just said, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” And left it at that. Then in a later missive, give some the other stuff. But, imo, an apology coupled with justification of why the wrong-doing happened doesn’t sit well with me.

That he compares himself to “other great men of faith” like Abraham (in his audio message from 11/8/11)? Nope, I’m not even gonna go there.

I am going to try to not analyze his message(s) and just think about the words “Yes, we humbly acknowledge we were wrong about the timing” and I’m going to try to ignore the rest of the sentence “yet though we were wrong God is still using the May 21 warning in a very mighty way.”

Yep. I’m gonna have to do that, because the more I think about it, the more I feel like the apology wasn’t sincere as it should have been. I’m gonna think that maybe the second part of the statement negates the apology and promotes what happened as being a mighty event and demonstration of God’s work (which of course, it may well have been, but it’s not humility that goes around tooting its own horn) and I just really want to accept the apology as being sincere…..

Harold Camping predicted the end of the world three times. He failed each time. That he has no intention of entertaining new dates- that’s a victory.

His followers spawned websites (see Waiting For The Rapture).

Many of them quit their jobs and sold all their belongings.

I wondered how they felt after the invisible rapture. And then again after the world didn’t end in October.

So, too, do I wonder now how they are doing; now that Mr. Camping has admitted he was wrong and has been humbled. (If anyone find online reading that addresses this, please leave me a comment with that information!)

I wonder if they are as critical and as wary of the apology as I am. I wonder if their faith in God has been shattered and left them not wanting any part of Him.

I wonder if Harold Camping has REALLY repented his sin, because that, too, is pretty darn important.

And, I wonder if I should move on from this debacle, and just focus on Preparing for Zombies……..

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With the invisible rapture behind us, I’ve moved on to the next thing to stress about and prepare for: zombie apocalypse.  Seeing as we have 5 months to prepare for the world to be destroyed on October 21 (according to Camping’s teachings), I thought I would shuffle my panic accordingly.

To be fair, this new threat has caught me quite off-guard.  With my eye on the rapture (according to Camping), I completely missed the Center for Disease Control (CDC)‘s May 16, 2011 emergency preparedness blog regarding a Zombie Apocalypse.  This is what I get for being asleep at the wheel!

To save the day, the CDC has compiled a checklist for people like me, who didn’t have this disaster on her radar.  I’m just going to highlight a few comments from the checklist.

2) Pick a meeting place for your family to regroup in case zombies invade your home…

3) Identify your emergency contacts. Make a list of local contacts like the police, fire department, and your local zombie response team.

4) Plan your evacuation route. When zombies are hungry they won’t stop until they get food (i.e., brains), which means you need to get out of town fast! Plan where you would go and multiple routes you would take ahead of time so that the flesh eaters don’t have a chance!

Now, if you are anything like me, you read the comments.  “Why read comments?” you might ask.  After all, the entity that wrote the article has included all relevant information, right? Usually, yes.  However, there are times when comments can reveal an additional layer of information.

Here are some gems I’ve gleaned from the comments, and will shortly be adding to my lists:

“I might suggest adding a baseball bat, preferably aluminum, to your emergency kit as well. It doesn’t require ammunition and can be highly effective at clearing a path through hordes of zombies whilst trying to make good your escape.”

 Then there was a link to the Zombie Squad (We Make Things Deader):  http://zombiehunters.org/whatiszs.php  “Zombie Squad is an elite zombie suppression task force ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead. We provide trained, motivated, skilled zombie extermination professionals and zombie survival consultants. Our people and our training are the best in the industry. “

Also from Zombie Squad (We Make Things Deader), “We want to make sure you are prepared for any crisis situation that might come along in your daily life which may include having your face eaten by the formerly deceased.”

Someone commented, “Really? I have to be the one to point out that seleniumExternal Web Site Icon. is an element in the periodic table and solanumExternal Web Site Icon. is the zombie virus?”

“It really depends on the zombies. If they’re Romero/Brooks, slow, lumbering zombies, a baseball bat will work just fine. Not so if they’re the Zack Snyder fast zombies. Running zombies change everything.”

Now I’m really freaked.  I had not considered the variables in the zombie threat.  I shall have to research diligently to come to conclusions.

In response to the checklist, my oldest dd has informed me that, “Ya, right.  If a zombie comes and eats your head off, the jug of water and bandaids are really gonna help.”  Can you see what smart, logically thinking kids I have?  😀

“human corpse mysteriously reanimated to serve the undead” I’m not sure I trust someone who doesn’t do research. this person doesn’t know anything about folklore, classic (or Romero), or modern zombies. Only the Return of the Living Dead (John A Russo’s breed) eat brains.” See, this is why I read the comments.  I would have never known that!

“Seriously, guys. Everyone knows that the refugee camp is the LAST place you want to go in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Hasn’t experience taught us anything?”  Hmmm, good point.  Will have to think about that.

“The Zombie Preparedness book is already out! : http://www.randomhouse.com/crown/zombiesurvivalguide/index2.htmlExternal Web Site Icon.

We at Zombie Training have been training for years. I give the CDC a B+ for effort however. But for the real deal check us out, we will educate your brain, not eat it.External Web Site Icon.http://www.zombietraining.comExternal Web Site Icon.

“If you want to learn to survive the undead horde enroll in ZombieSchool.orgExternal Web Site Icon.\’s online courses.”  Ooooo, now that is information I can take to the bank!

“Not to be picky, but any way you can begin investigating BEFORE zombies actually are roaming the streets? Might cut down on a few problems…”

 Oh my, I could go on and on.  The comments are fabulous, thought-provoking jewels! I have my research cut out for me.

The last comment I shared, though, just gave me pause.  The idea of prevention has been weighing heavily on my mind, particularly since yesterday.  What happened yesterday? Yesterday, I read an article that told of six seismologists and a lone government official who are being tried for manslaughter for failing to predict a 6.3 earthquake that killed over 300 people in 2009. 

Yes, you read that right. Italian officials have jailed – and are trying in a court of law – people for failing to predict a deadly earthquake.  This kind of “thinking” blows my mind.  It’s just incredulous to me. Seriously?

Well, maybe the zombie apocalypse will happen first, and they won’t have to worry about it.  I am glad to be an American, where the CDC is ahead of the curve.  😀

Whew.  Thanks, CDC!  I feel better already!

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