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Thrown together by circumstance.  Or was it?

After witnessing high-country outfitter Trevor MacDaniel rescue her toddler nephew from the jaws of a mountain lion, sculptor Natalie Reeve needs to sink her hands in some clay to cleanse her edectic memory.  Images of Trevor, her brother Aaron and his wife Paige, and her nephew, Cody, are seared into her mind. “She needed to clear the images….”

As Natalie sculpts the images into reality, she waits to hear word on her nephew, who had to have CPR to be brought back to life. Little does she know that her encounter with Trevor, a retired Olympic skiier, has just begun….

This book is a bit disjointed.  I don’t know if it’s the formatting, but from the beginning, I was wondering if there was some formatting or font differences that I was missing by not having a printed book.  Generally speaking, I am thrilled with most e-books, and given that my last print book was literally lost in the mail and I had to ask for another copy, the thought of going to e-books seemed like it would a really good thing.

The beginning of the book opened with a few paragraphs that left me shaking my head.  In fact, they made such little sense that I had all but forgotten about them until I went to review this title and had to start back at the beginning of the e-book.  The snippets used by the author didn’t make a whole lot of sense, and there weren’t enough of them until more towards the end of the book for me to even realize that she was shifting gears.

Overall, the plot was good, and I enjoyed the characters and the writing style.  I do plan to get more books by this author. My suggestion would be to get the print copy if you can.  Because of the formatting and the one thread of the book not making any sense to me until almost the end, I have to give this 3 and a half stars out of 5.  I would recommend it to a friend, though, so long as they have to do a little more than average thinking to make sense out of the overall plot.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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