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Nope. I’m not. I didn’t die. I didn’t crash and burn. Actually, I finished way sooner than I had anticipated. What’s up with that?!

Today was the day of the 10k. For those of us not on the metric system, that translates into 6.21371 miles. But who’s counting?  😀

I don’t know what my official time was, but the guy who finished a bit behind me went to his car and did some stretching before turning off his timer, at 1:07. So, I’m going with 1:06. According to my pace chart, that means my mile pace was 10:36, with a kilometer pace of 6:36  I like that one better.  😆

By the time my daughter and my friend got there, I had been done for about 15 minutes. (Really, there is not much to see during a race until people start crossing the finish line- and since I’m not real fast, it’s like, what are they going to do while I’m out there running? Sit in the cold and freeze?) I am still not convinced they didn’t start us early.  😀

Not knowing what to expect, I didn’t push it. I took most of week off, doing 7 on Thursday and only 3.5 yesterday.  I was thinking about not running at all yesterday, but didn’t want my monthly mileage to totally tank, so I did 1/2.

I also knew that if I came home injured, Hunny was going to read me the riot act and would really pitch a fit if I wanted to enter another race. Plus, I haven’t been outside on concrete since my hip stuff a few weeks ago.

While I didn’t push it, I do remember getting to the 2 k turn-around and thinking it would be nice to be done. 😆

The wind *totally* killed me. It was blowing solidly around 20 mph, gusts were I’m thinking at least 35 mph. Did I mention those were sustained winds??  At times it felt like I was crawling and heading into a hurricane. I had the tailwind for a little- it wasn’t blowing that hard when we started, and when we got out into the open, the blowing sand was the pits.

And it was cold. I could have easily done another layer; wish I would have had some gloves. My ears were not too bad, although even after standing in the hot shower for eons, they are still ringing.

There were at least 2 miles plus that were straight headwind and of course, this was the only hilly part of the course. Once we turned, it was back into the wind for the remainder of the race, but at least there were some trees here and there to act as a wind-break. I remember thinking more than once that I need to do some more strength training. I probably should, but thinking about right now just makes me tired. 😀

I didn’t need to worry about the sweat running down my face- it was so windy it was blowing off (and blowing the stuff out of my nose- had no idea that would happen, but thank goodness I packed a ton of tissues!) The coldest part was right before (of course) and then even at the end, when it’s blowing that hard, it feels like it’s 30 degrees. Definitely need some gloves and a hat if I’m running in the real cold next month.

I will be interested on times and stuff. They had me registered and tagged as a guy and we changed it on my tag this morning. No idea how they did the times, but I wonder if they had me grouped in with the men because of what was on their original registration forms. No, it is not unusual for people to think my name belongs to a Mr.

I think they need to make more age groups. And probably one for chronically ill people. And all of those people in that category should automatically get medals just for showing up. Just sayin’. 😉

Much to my relief, I did not get lost. Things were pretty clearly marked. Because it was so cold, I didn’t need any hydration. I considered it on the way back, but there wasn’t anything ready and waiting, (and no garbage cans??) so I passed. No biggy.

Next time, I am starting further ahead. I started back with the 2 k people (including the walkers) and had to pass them all. I am absolutely certain I was bringing up the rear once we went past the 2k turn-around. Although, there were people who finished later than I did on the 10 course, so I’ll have to mull that one over.

No idea how many went at this time- my guess would be somewhere around 50??  I’ll be interested to see final numbers.

There was a single other lady wearing VFFs- she was a 10 k walker.  I didn’t talk to her and ask her which ones she had, but they were blue.  I totally ♥ed the feeling of the road, fwiw. I saw a single person I knew (and it wasn’t the lady with the VFFs); dunno, seemed like there was some cliquey stuff going on.  🙄

So, that’s my race report. I didn’t die. I don’t feel injured. I ran/jogged the whole way. And I didn’t die (that’s especially important to me).  😆

Now I’m hungry, so I’ll eat and read until I fall asleep. That’s my exciting race day. 😎

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