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Beth Borzoi has her heart set on becoming a veterinarian since graduating with honors from the local community college. As it was, she was forever helping out with animals on the Blazing B ranch, and on neighboring ranches.She had saved money for her continuing education, and planned to leave in the fall, a few short months away. When friends on a neighboring ranch ask for her help with the eye of one of their horses, she knows she’s going to need some way to get money to help for surgery the horse probably needs.

As she takes Jacob’s old, unused saddle, she is pretty sure he won’t miss it, and the silver can be melted down to pay the expense for surgery. She’s pretty sure he won’t mind; after all, she’s never seen him use it in the 15 years he’s lived at the ranch.

As “payment” for her help, her neighbor friends let her ride a retired racehorse stud being boarded at their ranch. The bad idea goes from rotten to catastrophic, as while out riding, the stallion is lathered into a frenzy by an unusually large grey wolf. The result is injury to Beth; death for the horse, and a lawsuit from its owner that most likely will result in the loss of the family’s fifth generation ranch.

In addition, her father has a heart attack on the way home from the court judgment and dies two days later. Already furious with her, Beth’s mother, Rose, tells her to leave the family, which is reinforced by her hateful older brother, Levi. Can Beth find a way to right the wrong and save the ranch?

That’s the basic plot. Early on, reading was a bit on the bizarre side. Throw in an estranged grandfather (Rose’s father, who kicked her out when she married Beth’s father), a wacko cracko doctor, a mysterious legend and shrine, and the wolf who can sort of speak to Beth and can go through walls, this book is riddled with strange events.

I loved it! I’m giving it 4.5 stars because it was a wee little disjointed in the introduction of the grandfather early in the book, and then also because it wasn’t finished. The story of how Jacob ended up with the mystical saddle and where it went after Beth took it- wasn’t given.

In addition, while we assume {SPOILER ALERT!} Jacob and Beth’s relationship gets resolved, we don’t see the details. If the intent is to have a sequel, I’m completely on board and will definitely go out of my way to get it.

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