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Welcome to Hell

Yep.  Hell.  This is what it is; this is where I’m at.


Sacrilegious, I know.  Still.  I hate them.

The only redeemable quality about this time of year is going to church on Christmas Eve, which, of course, causes problems.

My foul mood hit yesterday as I “learned” that they had “decided” they were coming over here for Thanksgiving.  So, today, instead of running, I get to go shopping around town, trying to find food that will no doubt be criticized and I’m sure not cooked right.

And this is not about the food.  Every year, I do the turkey and then we drive it over, along with our side dishes and whatever else I am inclined to make. Of course, we are never on time (because they want to eat at 10 am) so the other dishes are cold, blah blah blah.

You know, it would have been nice to have been asked how I felt about that.  So now, I can’t even leave (on my own da** birthday) and get some peace, because my house will have other people.

But hey- the bulk of the food will be hot.  I am not making any other side dishes.  I don’t have room in my kitchen; sorry, no double oven here. Maybe I should make everything with egg; you know, the ones that aren’t “good enough” to eat because we don’t bleach them.  (yes, you read that right  🙄 )

I need to get going.  Shopping to do; kids to gripe at to get cleaning, etc etc etc. I had planned on getting all the Christmas stuff out of storage so the kids can put it up.  Now I don’t know that I’ll have space, although if we’re not eating in the dining room, I suppose I could put all that stuff in there as usual.  I’m tempted not to decorate at all. If I didn’t have kids, I absolutely would not.

This was supposed to be our Christmas away from home. Not only did hunny not get his request in on time, but I think he’s thinking it’s because of the chickens that we can’t leave for that length of time.  He’s probably right.

I don’t know that I can handle it two years in a row without going ballistic. I wish I could just go away somewhere and not have to deal with all this crap.

Welcome to hell. 30 days and hopefully counting down.

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