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I know y’all are gasping and picking yourselves up off the floor, you know, from the shock of that admission. ūüėÜ

I’m coming clean-¬†I am picky.¬†Most of the time, I’m pretty laid back and easy-going; however, in some particular regards, I am way too picky.¬†That means that I like what I like, and I don’t what I don’t, for those needing clarification.

Today, I once again faced my nemesis and ended up wasting an entire afternoon. I am pretty sure, though, that victory is mine. (muwah ha ha ha)

Yesterday was a bad electronics day.¬†Firstly, the left side of my headphones stopped working.¬†Then my iopd¬†went all wonky; skipping, repeating, randomly shuffling through settings (including the radio and basically refusing to cooperate.)¬†This was after mile 3, and I wasn’t going any faster at that point than I had been. So, I commandeered my oldest dds¬†ipod, and had the same result.¬†????

By this time, Iwas past¬†mile 4 and steam was coming out of my ears, I was so ticked.¬†I really need to listen to something while I’m running! I settled for listening to the random, thankful that the voice-over lady hadn’t turned on……

Anyhow.¬†My task for this afternoon was to stop at Target on my way home and replace my headphones.¬†This should have been a no-brainer. For years, I suffered with ill-fitting headphones; headphones that would come flying out once they got sweaty; headphones that would come falling off repeatedly.¬†I have heard of those who use sports¬†tape to tape them in- I’m allergic to the tape.

Several years ago, hunny was tired of my constant complaining secretly went on a headphone search for me, and found me an awesome pair for my birthday. They were *exactly* what I was looking for- lightweight; sweat/water-resistant; and over the ear adjustable. I had gone through numerous clip-on (over the ear) headphones and never had any real luck with getting them to fit right, which then left me annoyed.

He found a set Target and¬†picked them up.¬†Granted,¬† if it was me shopping, I would have not spent that amount on myself, but wouldn’t have batted an eye at spending it on him. (This reminds me of that part of Ron White’s standup where he’s talking about diamonds. “Diamonds.¬† That’ll shut her up.” :lol:)

My plan for this afternoon was to swing by Target on my way home and get a new set.¬†That’ll teach me to plan!

Do you think they had them? Nope. “No problem,” I thought, “they are Nike’s, so I’m sure the sporting goods store will have them.”

Nope.¬†So I thought, “Well, I guess I’ll check Radio Shack, then.”

Nope.¬†So then I thought, “Oooook, I guess that leaves the sporting good store in the mall (yes, I know, we actually DO have a mall, although our only local Hallmark store is now out of business, and we don’t have the leather store in there anymore, either….) as a last-ditch effort.

Nope.¬†So I wandered down to Foot Locker, thinking¬†certainly they wouldn’t have them, and I wasn’t disappointed.

That’s what I get for thinking! “Easy enough,” I thought again (even though we know how that turned out just a bit ago- apparently, it takes a bit for me to learn….), I’ll just go home and find them on the internet.”

Two hours later, I had emailed hunny to ask him if he could remember what he paid and which ones they are.¬†Even once he got home, I was still debating which ones to get. His response was to say, “Christmas is coming.¬† They always have stuff like that at Christmas…..”

“But that’s eons away!¬†¬†I can’t suffer with regular ear buds until then!¬† I’ll go crazy!” {and mumble mumble, we could count them as my birthday present, she says quietly}

After hemming and hawing, I finally went for the ones that I am pretty sure are the same ones I already have.

Here’s my gripe: PEOPLE. LISTEN UP!¬† If you have a product that you LIKE, please leave a review online.¬†Because otherwise, people like me will waste spend hours of their lives, swinging back and forth between cost and the one product they think they had success with, only to find there is no review for that one at all, and so now it’s like a shot in the dark, for all practical purposes.


My Nike Vapors are totally adjustable.¬†These are the ONLY pair of headphones I’ve found that I like.¬†They fit well. They sound good. They are water/sweat resistant.

My¬†headphones should be here in a week or so.¬† I hope I survive. ūüėÜ

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