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Hang on, help is on the way,

I’ll be there as fast as I can……

I keep singing this, hoping it will reset something in my head.

I’m not panicking, really. I’m not even so much feeling like the walls are closing in on me.

Nah, having tv has worked wonders on the kids’ attitudes. Now they can’t complain about being bored, which has helped me tremendously. Plus, they are getting into the schooling groove, so that end of things is settling down.

Nope, this mantra is all about the house. Apparently, the realtor tour went very, very well and everyone loved the house. So why am I worried and whiny in my head?

It hasn’t been shown. At. All.

For all the love, I have no idea why. My realtor was going to try to get to the bottom of it. She’s a top seller, and I trust her. This is fair week, so we recognize nothing will happen while that’s going on.

The last time we tried to sell, we were on the market for 9 months and the house was shown a whopping 5 times. I don’t know what it is. I think the location may be harder to find, even though it’s in a good neighborhood. There aren’t many different ways to get there, and if you’re not looking for the street, you will go right by it. While that appealed to us, apparently that means others can’t even find it.

I just feel the clock ticking, as we approach the slow season there.

The real problem is, as I see it, is that the market hasn’t slowed here at all. In fact, compared to my old town’s real estate market, this place is blazing hot.

And THAT, my friends, is what’s got me so worried.

I’m worried that the house that’s pulling on my heart strings is going to be gone in the year {or whatever} it’s going to take to get my house sold. And, since I’ve been out there, I can say that I haven’t seen anything else that I like even remotely as well.

There are any number of reasons why I’m really worried about this whole scenario.

The dogs don’t have the room like they are used to, either.

Big dog is getting cranky, and she repeatedly attacked little dog last night; for no apparent reason. She also always under foot, which is making her cranky with the kids, and that is not good. I don’t blame her for not wanting her tail stepped on, but it’s all accidental; she could move somewhere else so she’s not literally at someone’s feet.

I don’t blame her for feeling cooped up and annoyed that her whole world has changed, because it has, and she is. Out of everyone, the cat has done the best adjusting, and seems to love jumping from bunk to bunk and having little cubbies to hide in. Plus, there’s usually one child or another IN the bunk to give her some love, so she’s happy.

None of us have been outside much lately since it’s been wet off and on and we lost the awning. You never know how much you use things like that until they’re gone. My task this morning is to call insurance and get that end of things sorted out.

I haven’t gotten a run in at all this week. It’s either been rainy, or like yesterday, I was on the phone and doing stuff online literally all day. I got a lot done; just not conducive to keeping my miles going. That’s the other thing on my list this morning.

None of this was in the plan, honestly. It’s not like we didn’t thoroughly think things through, either. I just didn’t expect to find a house I actually liked this soon. I didn’t expect the market to be moving this well during this time of the year. Even my realtor here is surprised.

You’d think that it would give me some hope, but given the location we came from, it is hard to feel really optimistic.

And still, I have to trust that this is all part of God’s plan; that things will work out the way they are supposed to. I just don’t know what path we’re supposed to take. I really could use a buyer *and* an epiphany right about now. I’d love to have the words of direction whispered in my ear……….

So. If y’all are inclined to pray, we could use them. I’m continuing to pray for a buyer; I’m continuing to pray for direction. And in my mind, I keep hearing, “Hang on, help is on the way, I’ll be there as fast as I can……………”

Because life is a soundtrack, I’ll leave you with the real thing, courtesy of the Little River Band:


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