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It’s official. We are currently on egg overload. (Remind me about this once the girls start to molt……….)

Right now- today- this minute- I have a solid 8 1/2 dozen eggs in the fridge. And this is after our eggstravaganza yesterday, where we plowed through about 3 dozen eggs. Since most of my regular activities are over with until the fall, this means the folks I usually see (and who want eggs) have diminished in the last week. Boo. I have some going out tomorrow, which will help, but right now, I’m getting creative.  😀

Yesterday, we had a combination of fried and poached eggs for breakfast. But I still needed wanted to get rid of some more, so I decided I’d try a quiche.

Monday, my oldest daughter went searching online and sent me some links. Can I just say it’s amazing what people will put in quiche?   😯  I mean, really?  Cheeseburger quiche with ketchup and pickles in it? Yuck!

Nope, not for us! In the end, I made my own recipe. I’m sorry- it doesn’t really count in my mind as “quiche” if it only has 3 eggs in it. And while I do have sour cream on hand, I didn’t have any cottage cheese. Or colby jack. Or fetta (which reviews said do not put in, because it’s gross).

But, I did have mozzarella, cheddar, and green chile. Green chile, as you know, is one of my primary addictions. I ♥ it. I will put green chile in just about anything. (I haven’t tried it in pancakes, for example, but it’s most excellent on pizza!!)

Here’s what I came up with:

20 eggs

1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup green chile

1 or 2 cups mozzarella

5 tablespoons butter, melted

Mix all ingredients. Pour into pan. If using a glass pan, you’ll want to spray it with cooking oil. Bake at 400 degrees for 45ish minutes until knife inserted into middle comes out clean. Take out of oven and let sit for a few minutes. Cut and top with cheddar or other toppings of your choice. (The cheese gets all melty and gets really gooey and yummy, apparently.)

I think I might have thrown some cheddar in there, too. And I didn’t measure the mozzarella or the green chile. I had 1/2 a jelly jar (regular jelly jars are 8oz. 8 oz = 1 cup) and while I have a flaming passion for green chile, most everyone else in the family is not as enamored as I am. Since this was the first time making it, I went light on the green chile. Everyone agreed it could have used more, so I’m definitely going to use a whole cup/jelly jar on round 2.

Next time, I’m going to add some spinach, too. I think this would have also been awesome with bacon, since most everything (except maybe ice cream) is better with bacon. If you eliminate the butter, come back and leave a comment, please, so I’ll know what you think.

You could probably use a bigger pan to make it thinner and cut down on your baking time. This size baking dish is the best size for my egg-loaded fridge, so that’s why I went for chunky instead of a thinner slice.

You could also add a crust if you wanted to. If you use pre-made crusts, this amount of ingredients would do at least 2 pies, depending on how full you made them. If you make your crust homemade (like we do), you’ll get at least one deep dish pie and regular pie out of the deal.

Pardon my slopping baking dish. Next time, I’ll try to take a picture after it’s on a plate. We were just too hungry to wait this time.  😆


Do you have favorite recipes that call for a lot of eggs?  Leave me a comment, and feel free to shoot me a link!  🙂

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