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Garden Salad

There’s nothing better for lunch than a fresh garden salad, is there? I, personally, am excited that spring is nearly here. I’m looking forward to planting the garden again, and hoping something grows this year.  😆

I’m especially looking forward to the goodies that come out of the garden, and are a staple during the warmer months. And I’m not the only one. 😀

I’m particularly thinking about the most common kind of salad eaten during warmer months: grass.

Yes, indeed, my girls are looking forward to their fresh, garden grass salad.


I think it goes without saying that you can’t give them grass that’s been sprayed with chemicals. Right, y’all? No chemicals. And don’t bother with the Roundup on the weeds, either. Nope. Pluck those dandelion buggers out and “recycle” them!

I know some people who eat dandelion greens; however, I’ll save the spoiling for my girlies. They ♥♥♥ dandelions in addition to grass. They can eat most kinds of weeds, and if nothing else, it keeps them busy for hours on end. Come fall, they also like eating leaves and pumpkin rinds, but I digress.  😆

Last year, when J (15) was out mowing in the backyard, he noticed them pacing along side of him in the run as he’d make his mowing passes. While initially he thought they were just watching him, he soon came to learn they were pacing and drooling……………

We have two different kinds of grass in our yards, and while the front needed to be mowed, the bermuda grass in the backyard hasn’t quite caught up and still is pretty darn dead. I have to say, there is nothing funnier than watching chickens come racing (and they can flat MOVE!) across the yard when they think they are going to get treats.

They saw J with his mower bag and knew right away what was waiting for them. If you’ve never seen chickens jump for treats, you have not lived.  😆

Indeed, there is nothing they love better than a good, fresh garden salad! :mrgreen:

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