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Yep. Almost. And I was surrounded by peer pressure. With urgency. And pleading.

Y’all know it’s spring, right? And who knows what spring means (besides a lot of wind here)?


Ok, how about a hint. I’ll give a single hint.

Tractor Supply.

Oh come on, now, really?  No one knows the answer to this?

Sheesh, people!  😆

Ok, how about this…. during the spring at Tractor Supply, certain, um, “things” are available for 3 months………..

Yes, you in back there? What’s that? Chicks, you say?

Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Chick days are here!!!  SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!! 

We went there because my parents were visiting and had never seen chicks.

We (me and the girls) were drooling (hence the peer pressure). The girls had a solid plan to sweet-talk Daddy into more chicks. He actually agreed, with a few conditions.

1) Get rid of Butternut if she’s not laying.

2) Get rid of Daisy if she won’t behave.

Well hum. Oh the dilemma!

When I first started learning about chicken breeds years ago, I fell madly in love with ***silkies.  Can you see why?  😆

The thing with silkies is that they are bantams, or a small breed. Most chicken breeds have bantam counterparts. Silkies, however, are true bantams in that they don’t have a full-size counterpart. This makes them ideal for first time chickens or pets.

Besides having feathers on their feet, they also have 5 toes, which is not a “standard” chicken trait (the norm is 4 toes). Because they don’t have traditional wing structure, it’s harder to sex them as day-old chicks. There is only a single place I know of where you can buy day old female silkie chicks, and it’s not Tractor Supply…………….

And there are other bantams that are fun in addition to other full-size breeds. For example, frizzles.

Frizzle actually refers to the feathers, as they are curly. You can have full size frizzles in addition to bantam frizzles. Because the frizzle is a gene mutation, you can get all kinds of breeds in the “frizzle” variety.


But here’s the thing……….

Bantams lay smaller eggs, as in, not full size eggs. It’s more of a two-to-one ratio, more or less. I definitely could not count on them as being “real” egg layers, if you get my drift. They really would be more like pets.

And that means, it’s hard for me to justify giving up a good egg layer, even if she’s currently got a bad habit.

But, because they take up considerably less space than regular chickens, I could get more of them……… if I was willing to give up my two buff orpingtons (and that would leave me with only our adopted BO, Sunny).

I don’t know if I need to say this or not, but I’m kinda attached to all of my girls.  😀

Another factor is cost. Unless I want to pay $10 a chick with a minimum order of 9 bantams, I have to get them locally, in which case, they are all going to be straight run. Straight run means they haven’t been sexed, which is a guarantee you are going to get boys.

In a perfect world, hunny would offer to build me a bantam coop and run, and I’d fill it; finding homes if need be for the roos that we ended up with. His project list is pretty big right now, though, so I’m not sure I feel right about asking him to do that.

Now, it could be that if I was actually IN the country, I wouldn’t care about having boys, and would start breeding them myself.

But I’m not. So I can’t.  😥

And that, my friends, is the only reason I almost did something bad, but in the end- didn’t. 😦

Fortunately, chick days don’t end until May, so there is still time for chicken math to strike again!

***Some of these pictures are courtesy of My Pet Chicken

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