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Seems I’ve been thinking about food more again lately. You know how this goes……………

My pain level is up which means I’m not sleeping well. Because I’m not sleeping well, I’m finding excuses not to run because I’m tired. And sore. And not sleeping well. And in pain. And because I’m not running much, I’m in more pain. Which means I’m not sleeping well. So then I’m tired, which means I don’t run because I have things that I have to get done and can’t literally sleep the day away. 

One thing I have taken care with is my gluten intake, because gluten= inflammation which = higher level of pain for me. And even though it still is pretty sucky to not be able to eat what I want, I know I feel better when I don’t.

Foods can cause all kinds of problems. If you’ve been reading along, you’ll have some information on this topic. For those of you not real familiar with this subject, I’ll pass along that I’ve spent a lot of years being familiar with how food affects the body. In addition to gluten, all kinds of things- like MSG and food coloring, etc- can affect not just how a person feels, but how they function (gluten in particular is linked to inflammation, which can cause depression).

I have a friend whose son has a multitude of issues. She was aware of concerns with MSG (which she eliminated) and food coloring. She and a friend of hers both had boys diagnosed with ADHD. Their experiment consisted of colored popsicles. In this case, they used sugar-free popsicles, which, of course, contained food coloring. She had no idea gluten was a problem, but after sharing a lot of information with her, she decided to go gluten-free, and the last I heard, was having really good success with it, in addition to eliminating food colorings and MSG.

In addition to food sensitivities, some people also have other food allergies. Even if a particular food doesn’t send you into anaphylactic shock, you can still have a food sensitivity or allergy. I spent a number of years counseling breastfeeding mothers, and one topic that was visited frequently was diet; particularly allergies.

There are those that will tell you that gluten-free is a fad, as are concerns over MSG and food coloring and imitation sweeteners. My reply would be to look at the data; look at how many children and adults are diagnosed with all kinds of conditions, particularly as compared to even 50 years ago. And then stop and think about what has changed in the US since then……………

Food for so many is a struggle. I know it is for me, particularly since no one else in my family has food issues, and it’s my job to feed my family in a pretty rural area that doesn’t have very good options. It’s easy to get discouraged.

This morning, though, in spite of the daily headache of dealing with these things, I was uplifted and set to giggling. (Ok, well, laughing so hard I cried may be more accurate………..) If you’ve been reading along, you may remember that in my former life, I was a music/theatre major and that I have a keen obsession fondness for all things music theatre/opera. One of my favorite shows ever is Les Miserable(so much so, that I confess to having at least 4 {different} full soundtracks and libretto……….)

So, without further ado, here’s my morning offering for all of us food allergy/sensitivity/intolerance sufferers. Enjoy!  😆

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