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Wait for it……. farm dust.

Yes, you read that right.  I stumbled across an article in the San Angelo Times today regarding the new White House Rural Council’s mission to work with the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) on regulating farm dust.

Um, ya.  Have y’all been to Texas?  What about the other southern states to the west?  I mean, those parts of the south western states to the south ↓, as in, bordering Mexico.  Do y’all realize there is a seriously severe drought going on and that there are tons of fires? To understand the fire situation, a good place to start is the Southwest Coordination Center (SWCC) website.

Do y’all realize that these parts of the country are desert?  As in, consisting of sand, little foliage, and a lot of wind?  Even in non-drought years, we have wind and blowing dirt.  Where I live, we say we have two seasons: windy, and hot and windy.

Do dust devils count as “farm dust?” I see them on farms all the time, so I assume they would qualify. You sure can feel it when you drive through them. I have no idea how they would be regulated, though.

We are not talking about the Dust Bowl (good info here and here) during the Depression. Believe it or not, we’ve learned a lot about farming since then, and I can assure you, *no one* is interested in a repeat.

Nope, we’re talking about regular ole’ dirt.  I’m gonna go out on a limb. It’s probably not a popular opinion.

I think trying to regulate blowing dirt is ridiculous. In my mind, it’s akin to trying to regulate the salinity content of the ocean.

Apparently, though, I am not alone.  Author Jerry Lackey says, “During the current drought, daily wind gusts stir the powder-dry earth across the West Texas skies. Trying to regulate dust in the Lone Star State these days would bankrupt the whole agriculture industry and the EPA.”

Ya think? ‘Cause Texas isn’t the only large western state with dirt.  While Texas has the second largest land mass of the US states, New Mexico is fifth largest followed by Arizona at number six.  Throw in some mountains (yes, even in Texas) combined with the desert, high heat and drought, and this can be a recipe for disasters of all kinds.

Apparently, now we can add blowing dirt to that list, according to the EPA.

While I am all for preserving the environment and being good stewards of our planet, there is a point at which foolery is trying to take over. This doesn’t affect just the south and southwest, either.  People all over the USA are up in arms about this, and for good reason, in my opinion.

**Disclaimer: I have not gone through these links, so don’t shoot the messenger.  😀

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