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They had butted heads in school; Kate losing the valedictorian spot to Trevor, thanks to trigonometry. Puh. Lost was the full scholarship to college, which Kate desperately needed, and rich, mansion-living Trevor did not. witheverybreath

12 years later, Kate still hadn’t forgotten the sting of that loss, nor the path deviation her life had taken. A year earlier, Kate had loved her job as a census bureau statistician. Now there were machines doing those jobs. The statistical forecasting jobs all went to men- not just men, but men with college degrees. Punch card tabulating bored Kate to tears, but without the college degree snatched from her all those years ago, she was at a loss to do much of anything else.

Until the letter came. She still didn’t understand why a renowned doctor had singled her out and asked her to apply for a “prestigious position at Washington Memorial Hospital.” The position was to analyze data and predict trends in health and disease- just what Kate would love doing. She was ready to do something meaningful with her brain again.

Putting her current job tenuously on the line, Kate decides it’s worth the risk to interview. She was feeling pretty good, until she saw him. Him, being the doctor who had requested her to apply.

She’d thought she didn’t know him up from down. She was wrong. The doctor she was to interview with was none other than Trevor McDonough Kendall. Yes, *that* Trevor……..

Could she tolerate working for him if she accepted the job, realizing his prickly demeanor hadn’t changed? What was driving his passion to find treatment and a cure for tuberculosis? Could she handle working with the critically ill patients? And, when mysterious situations take place and point to Dr. Kendall, with evidence showing up at her  parent’s boarding house, Kate’s home, could they untangle the clues in time?


It’s been a year since I have had the chance to review another title by this author, and am I glad I did! The scene was set well; the disappointment of losing the college scholarship bitter. Although I don’t generally like books that have a lot of characters, this one was written well enough that none of them got confused.

I loved the historical content, too. It’s easy to forget how far medicine has come in recent decades. This book has it all- a fight for women working in the prejudiced work-force; love, mystery, secrets, etc. Elizabeth Camden stays on my ‘favorite authors’ list, and I will definitely make a point to review any more that come my way. This is another 5 out of 5 stars title.

I received this book for free from Bethany House publishers (www.bethanyhouse.com) for this review.

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Things were going well for watch maker Mollie Knox. Carrying on her father’s tradition of hiring wounded soldiers make Mollie proud, knowing she’s employing men who otherwise would be lost to the world. Many of the employed men come from her father’s regiment, and Mollie deeply feels the responsibility for the 40 family her company supports.  IntotheWhirlwind

Zack Kasmarek is the hard-nosed lawyer employed by one of Chicago’s largest- and most influential- department stores. His reputation leaves Mollie on pins and needles every single time they meet, since he’s the one she deals with as part of her company’s exclusive contract with the department store giant.

Mollie has no idea of the feeling he’s harboring for her- at least not until the Great Chicago Fire that leaves her company in ruins and she and Zach spend the night escaping the fire together and struggling to get her company supplies- and themselves- to safety.

Once Zach confesses the feelings he’s hidden from her for the last three years, Mollie is swept up into the whirlwind.

As the she and the city struggle to rebuild, can she survive and come out ahead, and with her heart intact? Can Zach reconcile the shady dealings of his employer with Mollie’s company and still keep her heart, even after the famed Colonel Lowe comes to her rescue to rebuild her shop and courts her in earnest?


I really liked this book. It is classically written- danger, murder, love won, love lost, two good men vying for the attention of a determined woman. There was not a single part of this book that I didn’t like.

I don’t know that I’ve read anything else by this author, but she’s on my ‘favorite author’ list. This book gets 5 out of 5 stars.

I received this book for free from Bethany House publishers (www.bethanyhouse.com) for this review.

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