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There’s pride and then there’s PRIDE. Generally speaking, I think a little pride can go a long way. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good about achievements and accomplishments.

Pride can easily turn into arrogance, and that’s what I have a problem with. By the time someone is rubbing their “accomplishments” in other people’s faces and gloating for the point of making the other person look small, that’s when I’ve just about had enough.

And while I generally try to remove myself from the situation, there’s often a part of me thinking, “Put a sock in it already.” Not nice, I know.  It’s at that point that I try to redirect my thoughts with conscious understanding that the root of the behavior is insecurity.

There are times, however, when I think unabashed pride is well-earned. Like when laying eggs, for example.  :mrgreen:  (sheesh, people, you didn’t really think I’d be thinking about humans, now, would you?? :lol:)

In my thorough research of chickens, I learned early on about the “Egg Song.” I read about those whose chickens did it; I read about other people who had laying hens and had never heard the Egg Song, much to their deep disappointment and chagrin.

Fortunately, we can count ourselves firmly in the camp of those with Egg-Song-singing-proud-as-punch chickens. After several months of hearing it daily, I have to honestly say it still make me laugh out-loud. A lot. It also makes me cross my fingers and hope nobody complains.  😆

The Egg Song singing is not as bad loud as a rooster crowing, for example. We absolutely had to get rid of Jasmine. We still miss him. We still hope they didn’t send him to freezer camp, but we are too afraid to ask.

The Egg Song singing is not as obnoxious grating as the dogs yapping around in the neighborhood, including the one next door that regularly wakes me up on the weekends.

In the beginning, it was the Egg Song, actually, that alerted me to the fact that Cocoa was probably trying to lay. Except it was more or a screech like, “Whhhhhhhaaaaaattttt the heeeeeeeccccccckkkkkk is haaaaaaaaaaaappening to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????????” 

She was so loud that we brought her inside, because she’d been at it for a while. I was pretty sure she wasn’t dying, but thought intense observation would be prudent. Once she let loose of her egg, she was really quiet- shell-shocked, literally.

We saw that many of them would sing their song before going in to lay. Roxie, for example, is one that will go in to lay, come out and sing, and then go back in and lay. I’m watching right now to see if she comes out to sing. (nope, she didn’t- this was more of a “Hey look, everybody! I’m gonna go do something great! If you miss out on the end result, you can’t say I didn’t warn you!”)

It’s not a given that all chickens will sing. You are tragically missing out if they don’t, though. I’ve got a few who are sneaky layers- they sneak into the nesting boxes, drop the egg, and then sneak back out. They are like kids who don’t want to get caught doing something.  😆

I haven’t recorded any of my peeps doing the Egg Song, but I did find some others, for your listening and viewing pleasure.  The second offering is an egg laying epic feature, but well worth the length. 😆

This first one had little dog barking in wonderment and clamoring to get on my lap to see the offending chicken in the house.  😆

This second one is just- well- epic. Well written. Gifted directing. Incredible star power. Moving and inspiring soundtrack. Need I say more? Enjoy!

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