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And a bit of stressing, too.  My usual stress, once school starts, is, of course, schooling.  Did you ever think you had plenty of time and you would have it all mapped out by the time you got there?  Well, I’m there.  And while I have the map in my head, the details are driving me to stress.

The plan has always been that they would go to college and do dual enrollment, which would probably mean a diploma and getting ahead with college credits.  I have more digging to do, but while I think this is completely attainable, I don’t know that it’s realistic in the time frame I was thinking.  I was thinking the last two years of high school would be the clinchers and the time to crank out in college classes.  Now I’m not so sure.

We’ve got the ground work.  We’ve got the core classes, and I think we’re good with the electives.  But I find the whole thing totally intimidating right now.  There’s so much to think about; so much to prepare for. I think much of the pressure comes from this being the first of our children in this position.  I can’t fail any of them, and he has always been more or less the “test” case, in the regard that test the theory with him and change plan accordingly.

I feel like we’ve been cruising along on plan, but now we’re at the point where it’s do-or-die, kind of, and it’s scary! To that end, I am reaching out to those that I know have gone before me, to pick their brains. I know many people who have homeschooled through high school with success, and I have long known it can be done successfully.  I just need reassurance, I suppose, that we won’t be screwing up.

Which classes to take at college? Which can be counted for at home? What about the stressful schedule? Is he ready?  Am *I* ready?

I know the end result of raising children is to have them become productive, self-sufficient members of society.  And while I know we’re not there just yet, it has taken me by surprise to find I’m here where I am – because I’m not ready!

If you have practical experience to share, please do!

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