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Can he believe them? Kieran Mullaney isn’t sure he can. Night guard Poppy is sure he can’t. His version of events the night of the explosion aren’t the same as the “official” report, and his partner on duty that night has gone missing.

When you’re dealing with a nuclear site, you can’t afford to not know what you’ve been exposed to.

Kieran is worried. Poppy has his own questions, too. And neither is backing down. Can they survive long enough to get answers?  criticalreaction


Initially, the concept of funny business taking place on a nuclear site seemed a little too far fetched for me. Then I learned that the Hanford Nuclear Reservation was a real place, that had a real accident with lingering consequences.  Add that to the very real possibility of my family moving within spitting distance of this place, and, well, it got me thinking.

This novel is fast paced, and has multi-layered complexities. There’s the legal battle going on, as Kieran tries to get answers, all the while being stone walled by the company and then ultimately blamed for causing the recent accident.

There are mob-like threats happening to both Kieran and eventually Poppy, as both struggle to find out what they were actually exposed to that night. In addition, there is a missing guard who was another eye witness and who no doubt has key information.

Characters are well written, and there’s another layer of relationship issues between Kieran’s college friend and lawyer, Emily, and her father, who take the case while in the midst of a strained relationship.  There’s also the undercover scientist working on the site that sneakily befriends Ryan Hart, Emily’s father, while he’s out running, mulling over the case.

While this is a stand alone novel as far as I can tell, it absolutely could have a sequel. Normally, I’m not a fan of tons of characters, but they each had purpose in this novel, and weren’t confusing.

I give this one 5 out of 5 stars. Don’t miss it.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for this unbiased review. To read an excerpt, click here.

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