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Indeed.  More books.   

I got my Kindle with a goal in mind – to not add to the stacks and boxes and piles of books I already have surrounding me.  Then, via a friend, I found Blogging for Books.  “I can deal with a book or two every month,” I’ve said to myself.  I was simply delighted with the first book I received, and promptly ordered another book after sharing my review, even though the book selecting function was giving only 5 books.

I didn’t want to read any of those books.  None of those books were on my radar.  But, I chose one that seemed to be something I could get through.  Today that book arrived. Maybe it’s something about having the actual book in hand, but it looks like it could be good!

We know that on Wednesdays, I am out of the house for much of the day.  This is a long-standing committment for me, and one I would not choose to give up.  I am a teacher for the homeschooling class at Community Bible Study.  It’s a non-denominational Bible study that is in-depth and Scripture based.  Today, as part of our leadership development, we got a book.  😆

I admit to laughing when she pulled them out of her bag.  I love my Kindle, but I also still love reading BOOKS!  Books, books, books, and now two more books today!  There’s a saying that “the God is in the details.”  I say, God *is* the details!

So, my plan for the evening is to make dinner, and then snuggle in bed with my blanket and one of my new books.  I love it!

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