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12 years old is a terrible time to lose one’s father. Drew ought to know. Having his father killed in action started the momentum that sends Drew’s life spiraling. Things settled for a while, then life changed again, uprooting him and his mother. As a high schooler, Drew watches his football career go down the tubes after a car accident leaves a teammate dead. The investigation didn’t turn up anything to charge Drew with, but his soul was imprinted nonetheless.  cloakoflight

College finds Drew and his best friend, Ben, at the same college. Ben, as nerdy as ever, has some serious work going on with his physics professor, who has gone missing. And, to top it off, Ben has some concerns about what was found during the last experiment with laser light acceleration technology. He’s determined to replicate the experiment to see if he can discover what happed to Dr. Waseem, who shut down the equipment and forcefully told him to leave.

Drew isn’t sure they can duplicate anything, but he figures he’d better go along and back up his buddy. What a difference a single decision can make…….

After the accident in the lab, Drew is rendered blind. He’s trying to cope with being told he’ll never see again. Ben visits him; running scared. Dr. Waseem’s body was found, and Ben figures he’s next. Drew was not surprised to learn later that Ben has also vanished.

And then- Drew’s vision starts coming back. And, it’s not the same. He can still see the other dimension the lab experiment revealed, but he doesn’t need the laser or the equipment. Is he losing his mind?

Throughout the years since his father’s death, in addition to his mom, one constant has been his dad’s team member, Jake. Drew confides in Jake, only to find a psychiatric doctor waiting for him at home. While Jake does believe Drew is sane,  Drew knows he needs to leave to protect his family. Knowing his mother is in good hands, and with years of Jake’s training under his belt, Drew knows it’s time.

He needs to find Ben. Before he heads out, he pays a visit to a long-time friend who’s kept his interest since high school- pastor’s daughter Sydney. Before he leaves her at college, they find themselves in the middle of a shooting- and Drew cannot believe his eyes. He sees the Invaders from the other dimension pushing the shooter to shoot. Even more astonishing, is yet another Invader that interferes, which allows Drew and Sydney to escape.

As time goes by, Drew’s wondering about the forces of evil grow stronger, and he finds himself time and again in a position to affect the outcomes of those acts.

Can Drew sort it out and get to the truth of the Invaders? Are they after him?  Can he find Ben before it’s too late?


The concept of this book was intriguing. It was a bit dry, though. The writing covered a lot of territory; many years, which I understand as laying the ground work for the characters. It did not take me long to figure out what was going on. I will say, though, that the ending was terribly abrupt. It looks like this is going to be a series, but gosh, I really wish things would be left a bit more tidy and not completely ‘unfinished’ feeling.

The author clearly knows his Bible, though. There’s a good portion of the book that goes chapter by chapter and correlates events with scripture. Because this title was interesting enough, I’m giving it 4 stars. I’ll also keep my eye out for the next title in the series and give it a go if I get a chance.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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