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This is book 3 of the Sisters of the Quilt series.  Not having read either of the first two books, I was unsure if I would be able to plug right in and not be lost.  I was very appreciative of the cast of characters at the beginning of the book, and I found myself flipping back and forth quite frequently.  There was one character, however, that wasn’t listed, and it took me a while to figure out who she was.  I enjoyed the plot, and the characters were well-developed. I really liked the epilogue, too, which wrapped things up neatly.

There was one part, though, that totally pushed my buttons. This consisted of a scene that was about a page and a half long.  Not only were there no other scenes like this in the entire book, but the information stated as “fact” is a bunch of hooey; woefully inaccurate and not the least evidence based.

Normally, when I’m reading fiction, I am not picky about checking facts.  However, in this case, there were two things that stood out to me; mostly for the inaccuracies due to “old” medically driven advice and also because in the setting and situation (which also wasn’t clear- was it a home? Was it the clinic?), the one thing in particular is wrong on so many counts. 

Since I don’t have time or interest to go point by point, I will say that as a person who is relatively knowledgeable about birth practices, this section of the book left me really annoyed.  I wish the author would have done more research than she did, because if she had, these two “facts” stated would have never made it in the book. 

The kicker, though, is that this part of the book didn’t even fit!  The story line would have been considerably better had this page and a half been edited out and removed entirely.  It was completely adjunct and NOT an asset to the story or the characters.

That being said, if you didn’t know anything about labor and delivery, you probably wouldn’t be bothered (but you might have come away feeling like that information was factual).  I would recommend the book to a friend with the caveat about this section- reader be warned!

I give this 2 1/2 stars out of 5.

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