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There are few things in life that push my buttons and give me warm fuzzy sighs. Chickens, of course, are some of those things.

You may have noticed by now that we’re don’t think much of having unique pets. Lorenzo, our wild bird, is still hanging around outside, although we are doing our best to teach him to hunt for bugs and things.

Ok, I confess, we brought him into the gargage yesterday afternoon when we were barbequing because that’s where his food is, and we wanted to grill without cooking him and he wouldn’t stop landing on people and wouldn’t leave the grill alone.

So. It was for his own safety that we tucked him inside for a while. I’m pretty sure he slept the whole time.

I can’t remember if I referenced it last year or not, but The Bloggess got her husband Beyonce for their 15th anniversary. It, then, should also come as no surprise that I’ve spent the last year keeping my eye out for a local version of Beyonce that can join our girls in the backyard, because I’m nice to them like that. Alas, I haven’t found the right one yet.

I did, however, find a nice, large windmill that I’m still working on Hunny to let me bring home. I need his truck, though, because it won’t fit in mine. So far, he’s not sharing. I suppose I could steal borrow it when he’s sleeping sometime, but that might not work too well since he’s the early bird in our family. Humph.

But I digress.

I was wondering what kind of awesomeness The Bloggess was going to get her husband this year. I was pretty sure that nothing could top Beyonce. I may be wrong. You be the judge.

As you can imagine, I’ve been giggling about this all morning. When Hunny came home for lunch, I couldn’t help but share the news.

He chuckled and said, “I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to come home and find a sloth in the house.”  😆

He also thought the wallaby was cool, too, you know, since we’re enjoying our bantams so much. Miniature critters are awesome!

I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to have them in the city, which just gives me yet another reason to really try to get my house sold so I can move out to the country. ♥♥♥

P.S. No, you can’t have Hunny, any of you. I know you’re dying to get your hands on a man who wouldn’t think twice about having creatures of all kinds as pets, but sorry girls, he’s taken.

I won’t leave you high and dry, though. To find your own creature-loving man, check out a newer dating site; Farmers Only.com

You’re welcome.   😆

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