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This one came via Daddy. He got one, too, but his had check boxes. 😆

This is from my soon-to-be-8-year old.  ♥♥♥

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Love Note

Love notes…….♥♥♥

A little more to the story…………Check Yes or No


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Do you remember these? Passing notes in school; sometimes from boy to girl; more often from girl to boy: 

It’s interesting to see that not only does this still happen, but it doesn’t have to happen in school!

Our 7-year-old (who has never gone to school) is in the throes of note writing. Our 10-year-old is another one that has regularly written us notes, and I think this is where our 7-year-old has gotten the inclination.

When your house is full of girls, you expect “girly” things. You expect the dress-up; the tea parties. While they also like playing with chickens, making a fort, playing in mud, playing with bugs, and hanging out and helping Daddy as he builds things with power tools, they also have girly streaks.  (Dear Lord, help me not kill them to be calm and understanding in a few years when they are all cycling together …………)

Lately, this has involved making more of their own envelopes (using bits of wrapping paper; scratch paper, and usually involving color and decorations) and notes.

Oh hang on- just got another mail delivery:

“Dear Mama,

Good morning. And is it a good morning?

Check yes or no ok.

Love, J”

I, of course, checked the “yes” box.  😆

Yesterday, my letter (and Daddy got one as well) said,

“Dear Mama,

I love you. Do you love me?

Check yes or no.

Love, J”

This particular 7-year-old is blond, dimpled, and extremely giggly. How could anyone possibly not say yes?!  😆


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