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Giggle. Growl. Hum; hiccup. Whisper. Murmur. Sigh. Plop, plop. Dribble, dribble. Trickle; run. Whistle, whistle, whistle. Giggle. Whisper. Chatter. Chant. Snarl. Shriek. Slap!

“Enough! Get out of my head! I’m trying to sleep!”


Because I have nothing better to do; thinking about the snake scaling the railing on the porch out front; wondering and hoping it won’t make it up to the second story and greet me outside my bedroom door on the balcony, or, heaven forbid, slither all the way up to the roof and then down the chimney to join whatever it is we think might be in there………………..

Welcome to spring. {gagging smiley here} 😆

Here’s my 33 words for this weekend’s Trifecta challenge; week sixty-seven.

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This should probably go into the “Ooops, I did it again” invisible category. If you’ve been reading along, you’ll remember me mentioning the untimely demise of our beloved kitty that went missing and was finally discovered when her body started smelling.  😥  😥

When Yin’s brother, Yang, passed, we got Little Dog. This time, we got our Oreo.

And still, my middle daughter kept going on and on and on about wanting barn kitties. We kept trying to explain that barn kitties are not going to be very loving. {To be fair, her experience with barn kitties was out at my dear friend B’s house, and all of her barn kitties were snuggly even though there were technically feral…………}

We thought the puppy would be a lovely distraction. And it was, for about 2 minutes. 😀

{Yep. You know where I’m going with this…….}

Thus, the hunt was on. We had the chance to get some sweet little boys, but Hunny deemed them too old and in need of too much medical to be around the kids and the horses.

A few days before Christmas, we went looking. While I think it’s generally a very good idea to not have animals available for purchase/adoption around the holidays- because, yes, they really do make terrible long-term gifts for unsuspecting folks- we, on the other hand, were looking high and low for kittens for our own daughter, knowing full well that it’s Mama driving them to the vet and going and getting food, etc, and ultimately, being responsible for the health and well-being of said creatures. 😀

We totally struck out. I did, however, get information from a pet store on a rescue group that has periodic adoption events, and had some kitten available.

I worked on this thing for two weeks! First, we thought about a single kitty. “But, but but,” I protested, “kitties are better in pairs!”

Really. The only time we had a single kitty was when we went to animal control for a dog and I saw a cat that was an owner release and was slated for being put down the next day. She was fixed and declawed already………

We had her for several years as an indoor kitty, and she never did do well with kids. They really stressed her out. One day, she got out of the house somehow, and the mailman came to tell us she was laying in the road. 😦 BOOO!

{You already know this, but I’m going to tell you again anyhow- if you are in a populated area, the number one cause of death for cats is cars.}

It wasn’t too long after that we got Yin and Yang from the Human Society. Smart people, they are, to have the Humane Society right next to Animal Control…… there was a litter of kittens and a mama brought in; all of them sick. We waited a few weeks before they were both healthy enough to go home; Yang was touch-and-go several times in those two weeks. We loved him, and were really very upset when he got sick and succumbed to intestinal cancer 6 years later.

Yin was never really right after that, and she was pretty lonely for him once he had passed. Ironically, she loved living in the rv. She loved hopping from bunk to bunk, and there was always someone right there to walk on love her, even though we were always at home in the house. Go figure.

When she passed, we got Oreo, and were cat-free for the first time ever, really. There might have been a month or two 20 years ago when we didn’t have some kind of cat, but I can’t really remember actually not having a cat.

So, it was time. Even though we now had 3 dogs, 5 abandoned horses to feed and take care of, 1 rescued horse of our own, and chickens on the agenda, we thought, “What the heck. Why not?”  😆  😆

Initially, we were going to get the 1, as I mentioned, but my gentle reminder put us into the “2” category. We were looking for a gray kitty and an orange kitty; both boys. When I saw the pictures, the two gray kitties were boys and the orange kitty was a girl. Awwwwwwww………………………… 😀  😆

If you’ve figured out the puzzle, yep, we’ve got 3 kitties. 😀 One orange, one gray, and one black. We got them during an adoption event at our local PetCo. These babies had been fostered, so we were able to meet their wonderful foster mama, who was very, very sad to see them leave.

Fostering is so, so important, as you can imagine. We can tell that they have been much loved, and have been completely socialized. They are a total riot! 😆

I introduce to you The A Team- Apollo, Athena, and Ares.


At this point, the kids are not liking their names. I am, however, holding firm in my ode to Greek mythology. {We briefly thought about Edward, Jacob and Bella, but I thought we’d be better off to follow Yin and Yang with something more intellectually subtantial. 😉 } I am confident the nittens will grow into their names.

Because life is a soundtrack and I’ve had it stuck in my head {thanks to my kids singing it!} for the last two days, I bring you “Soft Kitty,” courtesy of The Big Bang Theory’s crew’s Sheldon and Penny. 😀


Or, if you have nothing better to do and want something worse stuck in your head, here you go. You can thank me later. 😀


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Before y’all go throwing stones at me, my disclaimer is as follows:

I am fluent in American English. I am familiar with British and Canadian English, but not fluent, since I was raised in the US.

As such, if you find my perspective to be off, please leave me a comment with a link to information so I can broaden my horizons.

Now. Onto the subject.

Today’s subject is brough to you by the letter H, as in homophones.

In a nutshell, homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.

Here are a few examples:

Deer and dear.

Fair and fare.

Seem and seam.

(And before you go all grammar police-y on me, yes, I know those up there are fragments!)

One of the things I’ve seen around lately is the issue of the word ‘copyright.’ I have seen it spelled ‘copywrite’ a lot lately, and I’m befuddled.

Here in the US, you get a copyright for your work. The symbol looks like this: ©

This is a copyRIGHT because you have the rights to your copy; or the words you’ve written (or other intellectual property).

As far as I can determine, there is no actual word ‘copywrite’ in the dictionary, although copywriters would be those that write copy, as in “A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.”

So. Now that we’re clear- you can’t copywrite the stuff you write. You can, however, copyright it, and really, everyone should- unless you don’t think someone would ever borrow your words without permission and are 150% sure.

For more information on copyrights in the US, go to the US Copyright Office and start there. The FAQs are very helpful.

If you live in other countries, please leave me a comment about how you get a copyright in your country, and what it’s called.

If you’ve nothing better to do and need to kill some time, check out the List of British English Homophones and have a great time. 🙂

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I can go back to being aggravated over spelling and usage of other homophones like you’re and your, to and too, there, they’re and their……….. 😆

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Serenity. I’m looking for it. Any idea where I can find it?

I’ve been plagued with thoughts. My brain seems to be on  overload – thinking thinking thinking thinking all the time. Are those words stuck in my head? Will getting them out help me find the elusive serenity?

I don’t know. I have no idea. I’m not sure I can sustain the pace of writing regularly maybe it will be cathartic. I don’t know.

Let’s give it a try and see what happens.

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