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Once upon a time, there was a lady who lived in the desert with her family and her chickens. She was not fond of the desert, and longed and longed for years and years to move somewhere green. One day, after 17 years, it looked like her wish might come true.

She prayed and prayed. And she tried to be patient, even though it was really hard.

After 4 months and lots and lots of patience {and prayers}, her wish came true. There was much packing, and with some tears of leaving good friends behind and having to rehome the 23 chickens, the family made their journey east. The plan was to live in the RV; all of them- 4 kids, 2 parents, 2 dogs and a cat- until their house sold.

The lady knew she needed to get a feel for the local real estate market, so she made a short list of houses to look at. Her number one requirement was that they be allowed to have chickens. Another deep desire was that it was close enough to work so her hunny could continue to come home for lunch. And, of course, it had to be the right space for their homeschooling family of three girls and a teenage boy.

With those things in mind, she made her short list of houses to look at, knowing it would be probably summer or early fall before they could get into a house.

Within 2 weeks, said lady was going out of her mind in that small, small, space, what with 4 kids, 2 parents, 2 dogs and a cat. She began to think that the housing market would have to wait, because she was going to have go back to the desert until the house was sold.

To get her out of the small, small space, she decided she would at least look at a few houses; one of which was a new listing and piqued her curiosity, because the pictures were confusing. That first day, she went to numerous houses, but the one ‘confusing’ listing stole her heart…………

{If you read back, you can see the drama of getting to closing……}

Within the first week of moving into the heart house, a few things happened. Most of the neighbors stopped by to say hello and to introduce themselves. This was very interesting, because in the heart house, there were no other houses that could even BE seen. So, to meet all the neighbor people in the unseen houses was a fantastic and unexpected joy.

The biggest thing that happened, though, was that they began to realize from talking to the new neighbors that the 5 horses in their front yard were abandoned. The neighbors had been sporadically feeding the poor horses.

Upon further inspection, the lady and her family realized that the mama horse with the new colt was actually starving to death, and was going to die in the next week or so, if something wasn’t done right away.

The tipping point came one day when the lady went out front to see the horses in the front yard and realized that not only were they not being fed, but they also had no water. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

The lady saw red.  😡th_rantAfter getting the horses water, she packed up her oldest daughter, and they drove 20 some miles one way to get the horses food. She explained the situation to the nice folks at Tractor Supply, and came home with lots of food for the horses.

Over the next month and a half, the lady and her family continued to feed the horses. They paid for food, for the vet, and for the farrier. They began working on a permanent solution for the horses

And that was the birth of a new horsey family………………………….


I can’t begin to tell you how *furious* I was when I realized they had no water. And that the folks we had seen who seemed to be feeding them were another neighbor’s kids who came every now and then to see if they had hay.

I absolutely REFUSE to watch an animal starve to death, particularly one as intelligent as a horse, and in my front yard, no less. Not gonna happen.

So. Here’s what’s out front. There are two Saddllebreds; a mother and her son. Flicka is 16; Boi is about 5 or 6.





She was pregnant when brought here, and we’ve heard her price tag was $10,000. As far as we know, she has never been ridden, but we think she’s had some work done prior to coming here. Boy has not had any work done.

Halo is a 16-year-old champion barrel racer and is a Quarter Horse. She has a three-month old colt (he was just born when we saw the house for the first time) that is a Quarter Horse/Saddlebred cross.




Halo and Elia

Halo and Elia

Elia earlier on

Elia earlier on

Halo, Elia, and our neighbor D

Halo, Elia, and our neighbor, D

Blondie is also Halo and Boi’s offspring. We think she’s around 2 years old.


We’ve got Halo in the pen up front with Elia (the baby) and she’s a bit sad to be separated from the others. She’s getting a ton of food everyday, in accordance to what they vet has told us to do. We’ve got her blanket on her when it’s cool/cold because she has no body fat to keep her warm, and she needs all the calories she can get. We figure she’s gained about 200-250 lbs since we started feeding her, but she needs at least 300 more.

I am not joking when I say death was imminent.These pictures were taken when she had added maybe 100 lbs. Baby was awfully skinny, too, because she didn’t have much to give him while she was starving. Had we not intervened, they would both be dead by now.

Did I mention that none of these 5 horses are even ours?

It’s a complicated situation, but we are hoping to get custody of the horses and also the land that surrounds our property, so that we can add our own horses and not have to deal with a whole lot of fencing.

In a perfect world, we would get the land and end up with a working farm, that would allow us to be a rescue horse sanctuary, without going bankrupt. This is a work in progress, which we pray won’t take too much longer to settle. The horses need hay, but I am loathe to feed a lot of horses that could be sold out from under us. Either way, they need more hay soon, and we’ll keep feeding them and getting the ticks off.

Chickens are on the list, too, but we have a lot of work to do first.

In the process of taking care of the horses, we’ve completely fallen head over heels in love. We are in love with the land, with the house, with the area, and with the horses. We would not have made the leap into horses if it wasn’t for our awesome neighbors, D, and his daughter, S. The girls are exchanging work and feeding for riding lessons, and we all couldn’t be happier!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Horsey Tale, which will have more pictures documenting our adventure and our creatures…………………… 😀

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Yep. I am. Now I’ve said it out loud and you know.

I really didn’t intend to end up like this. I’m hoping I don’t stay this way for long, either.

I have entirely too much do and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by the amount of painting to be done. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of blood spatter in this house. Seriously. {Kids, this is a prime example of why not to do drugs- you’ll lose your house and the new owners will be totally grossed out when they clean and paint it to make it livable……..}

I haven’t really run since we left. I feel like it’s a guilty pleasure that I can’t allow myself to indulge in when I have so much other stuff that needs to get done.

Honestly, I’d be happy to stay curled up with a book and look out the windows……

I did, however, make my son some curtains. He was tired of having to change his clothes in the closet because he didn’t have curtains. At some point, I’ll take pictures of the whole room, once I get the last set of curtains made and he’s gotten it painted. In the meantime, here they are:




You may remember me complaining about the bird nesting happening when I was making my girls their sundresses last spring. I’m glad I didn’t pitch my machine. It worked just fine. Hmmph. I’ll have to diddle with it some more when I get back to the dresses.

Once we get things painted, I am not sure how much time I’ll have to be online. Life is changing, and in a really good way.

Have you ever been somewhere where you know that’s where you were meant to be? Like deep down in your soul you knew you were where God wanted you to be?

Ya. It’s like that here. If I have to be buried somewhere, I’m changing my mind. I’ll forgo Tin Cup, Co, for being buried on the farm here somewhere. {Which is legal here, too- one of these days, I’ll write about that, because it’s fascinating!}

Anyhow. What’s taking up my time? Life is taking up my time; mostly in the form of creatures.

We had been here for about a week before we realized that the 5 horses in our front yard were only being fed by neighbors, sporadically. And they had no water.  th_rant

You can see where I’m going with this…… not only are we feeding them, we’re rehabing the mama horse that was near death from starvation. Turns out, she’s a champion barrel horse. As in, big $$$$$. Out of the 5, she’s the only one saddle broke{n}, so we’re starting with her.

She’s an {American} Quarter Horse. There’s another out there that we know he paid $10,000 for and never broke. Ya. She’s an American Saddlebred- you know, the high-stepping show horses? Ya. 😯 Her son is a Saddlebred as well, and then the foal {colt} and the filly are both a Quarter Horse/Saddlebred mix. Boo.

One of these days, I’ll write the whole thing up, with pictures. Mama is now as happy as a clam out there, with her blanket on and in a separate pen so she can eat undisturbed. Baby is eating solids and is weaning, so that’s good.

Besides the painting (seriously, I have gotten two bathrooms finished, and that’s it- while 12 ft ceilings with crown molding is beautiful, it’s a pain to paint…..), we’ve got chickens to set up for, in addition to our own horses {yes, you’re reading that right} and still get things unpacked.

Kitchen appliances came. Turns out, the ovens are too tall, so the cabinet guy needs to come back out. I didn’t get any Christmas baking done. I’m hoping he can come and get that done so I can get some of my breads made soon.

There are SO many loose ends at this point. I lose an entire day going into town for shopping. So far, I haven’t been able to not make two trips in every week, because there is always something urgently needed. Yesterday, it was horse food. Today, it’s groceries, since the big winter storm blew through and it was pouring rain so I just got horse food and came back home before the worst of it hit.

There’s a schedule to keep to, too. Horses are fed at 8 am and 5pm; mama gets lunch as well until she’s gained the last 300 lbs; and most days, I take the girls to feed over at our “neighbors” house in exchange for their weekly riding lessons.

And then, there is the steady stream of visitors. I’ve decided that I’m going to give it another month, and then after that point, we’re going to start handing out paint rollers to visitors. 😀 We absolutely LOVE the company, but it’s not conducive to me getting the painting done.

On top of all of this, we’ve got a new puppy. That means someone needs to supervise her until we can count on her to go to the door every time she needs out. I had no plans for more pets, of course, but when a friend posted a picture on FB of a purebred border collie pup who was being given away because as the runt, she was going to be too small to work with cattle, I couldn’t say no. 😀

Big dog, you may recall, is a{blonde/red merle} border collie as well, so we are very familiar with the breed. Had this been any other breed, I would have passed, because we don’t have time right now to deal with stubborn doggies {like little dog, for example, who we LOVE to bits and pieces, but is really quite stubborn :lol:}.

But, having lost out kitty a month ago, and seeing her cuteness, I couldn’t resist. So, here is our little Oreo.  oreo1

When I can get out of my slacker mode and get more painting done, I’ll be back to write some more. In the meantime, don’t forget me! 😀

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Don’t Judge Me

Praise God! Hallelujah! We have internet! {Don’t judge me!} 😆

Back in the olden days, when we were in the campground, we had that crappy satellite internet- remember that? Because our house was just over 2 miles away, I was worried that we’d be relegated to using the same service, just to get any kind of internet.

We knew we couldn’t get a cable connection here like we had at the old house. And there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The hunt was on. I’d get one answer from one part of a provider; then another from a local division of the provider. I was tearing my hair out. I really did not want either dial-up or satellite. DSL I could live with.

Once we moved in, we’ve had a steady stream of visitors. Even though I cannot see a single house from where we live, and neighbors are not in abundance, I am pretty sure we’ve met them all. And it is *awesome.*

One question I’d asked every single time was “What kind of internet can you get? Can you get DSL?” And I was distraught to hear that not a single person around us was able to get it- not the Century Link guy who lives around the corner and drives by twice a day; not the mailman who lives around the corner and down the street a ways; not the neighbors past the bridge; and not the other Century Link guy who lives next to the outpost with the switches in it.

Nonetheless, we were brave souls and had already paid for a year by that time. 😀 We even had the modem delivered already and had run out into the road to flag down the guy in the van.

At some point, I was resigned to thinking we were screwed stuck with whatever we could get as long as it wasn’t dial-up.

A different Century Link man came out (the one who lives around the corner and down the road next to the outpost) and gave us the scoop. Apparently, there were some DSL lines run out here just a year ago. We needed a set of available switches. If they had those, they would build the line. But, we needed to understand that because we were so far from the outpost, our communication rate wouldn’t be as fast as it could be had we been closer.

{Please, Mister Internet Man, just get us online with a decent speed!!}

Praise God! Hallelujah! {Don’t judge me!}

And then yesterday they called to let us know we would have it by 5 pm today. Praise God! Hallelujah! {Don’t judge me!}

My children’s teeth are visible for the first time in I don’t know how long, and I’m pretty sure the frown lines haven’t had time to really get set in. Praise God! Hallelujah! {Don’t judge me!}

At this point, it’s safe to say that the speed is just fine; blazing, in fact, in  comparison to the satellite connection we struggled with at the campground.

I think it’s also safe to say that my slave labor kids won’t be helping paint much this afternoon. I’ve warned them, though- they get to goof through lunch, and then we need to get back at it. {Seriously, it’s like there is blood spatter all over this house- including on the ceilings…..GROSS!!!!} At least now, maybe they will be in better moods, since I have something to threaten them with……..

So. Where were we?

Yes. We moved in. My son and I flew back to NM to meet the movers. What a crazy busy 4 days. That was a fiasco, to say the least. I may write about that, but I may just want to leave it where it is……

So far we’ve dealt with wasps swarming the house {a continuation of what we had before we closed- there are at least 5 different species fighting over territory}, a steady stream of neighbors, a locksmith who was unable to re-key the locks, 5 abandoned horses, including one severely emaciated nursing mama horse whose colt was about 2 months old when we moved in and very nearly going down because she needed at least 500 lbs and who we think is pregnant again already; a fence that wasn’t keeping them in last week {and those fences aren’t on our property!} which meant the one day they had gotten out literally at least 6 times; our kitty who disappeared and we didn’t find until we started to smell her deceased body; 😦 numerous contractors coming in and out to fix stuff, and and and and…..

The home inspection was fantastic, but didn’t let us know the upstairs tub sends water running down the ceiling fan in the kitchen when an actual shower is taken. I still have to get the propane people out to set the second tank; we haven’t gotten the trash to run yet despite leaving it out for 2 weeks and seeing the truck run by every few days; we still have to get the upstairs heating pumps replaced and part of the floor needs to be finished and a closet got missed and needs the carpet replaced. And I’m pretty sure there are other things I’m forgetting right now.

But- I’m not busy or anything. 😀 I’ll write about things in more detail as I get time. I just wanted to let y’all know I’m still alive and there’s no need to worry about me having fallen off the face of the earth.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back at the painting after I eat and hope I don’t have a layer of ‘skin’ to peel off in my paint pan………..

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