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Yep. It is. And I’m trying not to panic. ūüėÄ

We delayed by a week so we could get more done ourselves instead of farming it out.

You never know how much stuff you REALLY have until you pack it up to move.

Honestly, I have no idea why I have so many sets of china and oh my word- stemware? Really? Why? We never use it! Ok, well maybe we used it once or twice, but I was totally sick of wrapping and packing it.

Packing has been easy compared to rehoming¬†the chickens. I’ll tell ya, we are missing them.

Well, ok, we’re not missing the noise the boys made, but we miss their crazy personalities. Numerous times, we’ve gone out to check for eggs, only to be reminded they aren’t there. Numerous times, we’ve gone outside, while preventing the dogs from escaping to the backyard, only to realize they can go out unsupervised in the afternoon. Boo. ūüė•

I found a fantastic rancher lady who works with all the local 4H¬†kids who was willing to take them. ALL of them, including the boys. She didn’t really want them, but thought she could find some kids who would want to show the boys, especially because the two are rare breeds and all are bantams. Once she learned we were moving, she decided she’d take them.

Do you know how rare that is? To find a single person willing to add my 23 chickens to their own flock? She already has 32. And yet adding mine was not a big deal, as she is completely set up for them. Wow!

I had to make 2 trips to get them all out there. She has 10 acres and a huge, huge chicken pen, although her chickens all free range late morning, just like mine do. {The point here is that in theory, most chickens lay their eggs in the morning, so many people keep them in for a few hours and then let them out. I never had a problem- all of ours would go back into the nesting boxes to lay.} She wanted them a few days before we left in the event she had questions or whatever.

My biggest worry was that they would be eaten and not loved like we do. Obviously, no one is going to love them like we do, but she has a chair she takes out in the evening, and hunkers down to watch them. And¬†ALL of her other animals were clean and well fed; their stalls/areas literally darn near spotless. She is in the habit of rescuing animals (like cows and goats) and is the one people call when they have concerns over their pregnant animals. I know this, because she took a panicked call while we were there. ūüôā

And, I only had to tell her my name once before she began using it. ūüėÄ {which is rare, for such an unusual name- most people can’t remember it and are therefore hesitant to use it}.

She is also a kid magnet. I could tell this, because I heard a whistle and then the yelling over the acreage started. The neighbor girls wanted to come over and hang out with her. Her response was, “Did you ask your mama?” and then,”Watch out for snakes!” Within minutes, those two little girls were holding hands with my two younger girls, and they were still there when I got back with all three of my girls.

Anyhow. I have a completely clean and quiet conscience and know they will have long, happy lives with Miss M on her ranchette. Thank you Lord!

I’ve got something like 7 dozen eggs in my fridge that we have been unwilling to eat, because once they are gone, well, they’re gone.

Conversation in the car last week:

¬†J (10): “Does this mean once we’re out of eggs, we’ll have to go to the store and buy them?”

Me: “Yes.”

J (8) and J (10):¬†“Ewwww! Gross!” {gagging noises}

J (8): “I’m never eating eggs again! They don’t even taste like real eggs! And they’re white!”

J (10), adding an addendum to the sentiment: “I’m never eating eggs again either. At least until our new chickens are laying. Then we’ll eat their eggs.¬†You’re not going to make us, are you?”

And lo, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Even a literal minute ago, J (8) says, “I don’t wanna buy eggs.”

We miss our chuckins. ūüė¶

No, really, we do. So much so that every one of the girls (myself included)¬†have dreamt about chickens. The guys don’t care. They would just as soon eat them. ūüėܬ† Although, Hunny is still in the habit of going to let them out every morning, and it’s still kind of instinctive for him to head that direction.

So. The final countdown is upon us. 4 days is what we have left, and company is coming on Monday. Monday is our last packing and mopping-things-up day. We’re going to do a big stranger chicken fry for road food. And then we head out early Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, I’ve been washing, packing, painting, and grouting. And trying not to panic. ūüėÄ It’s amazing what all you need to do when you’re never going back and can’t just grab stuff you forgot.

The kids each have a tub (did I tell you this already?) that is their winter “closet,” in the event that it takes a bit to sell the house. With the market the way it’s been, there’s just no telling. Since we won’t be back, we need to be prepared.

Closet space in RVs is not hugely abundant. So, the totes¬†will get packed outside and tarped¬†until they’re needed. In the meantime, the kids have packed their duffel¬†bags as they usually do when we hit the road. I have 2 big totes for my winter clothes and running gear. And then I have to take all of our legal information, so we have it on hand if we need it (particularly for the next mortgage).

We have a three-page checklist that is still mostly still un-crossed-off. And it’s not because we’re not working. It appears the way I made the list is not quite the same as how we’re tackling the house, so right at the end, the entire thing will get crossed off.¬† ūüėÜ

And now that I’ve spent entirely too much time writing, it’s time to get motivated. I think I’m up for an omelet this morning. I have about a half dozen¬†silkie eggs that need to be eaten……….. ūüėÜ

Because life is a soundtrack, I leave you with The Final Countdown by Europe……….





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Beth Borzoi has her heart set on becoming a veterinarian since graduating with honors from the local community college. As it was, she was forever helping out with animals on the Blazing B ranch, and on neighboring ranches.She had saved money for her continuing education, and planned to leave in the¬†fall, a few short months away.¬†When friends on a neighboring ranch ask for her help with the eye of one of their horses, she knows she’s going to need some way to get money to help for surgery the horse probably needs.

As she takes Jacob’s old, unused saddle, she is pretty sure he won’t miss it, and the silver can be melted down to pay the expense for surgery. She’s pretty sure he won’t mind; after all, she’s never seen him use it in the 15 years he’s lived at the ranch.

As “payment” for her help, her neighbor friends let her ride a retired racehorse stud being boarded at their ranch. The bad idea goes from rotten to catastrophic, as while out riding, the stallion is lathered into a frenzy by an unusually large grey wolf. The result is injury to Beth; death for the horse, and a lawsuit from its owner that most likely will result in the loss of the family’s fifth generation ranch.

In addition, her father has a heart attack on the way home from the court judgment and dies two days later. Already furious with her, Beth’s mother, Rose, tells her to leave the family, which is reinforced by her hateful older brother, Levi. Can Beth find a way to right the wrong and save the ranch?

That’s the basic plot. Early on, reading was a bit on the bizarre side. Throw in an estranged grandfather (Rose’s father, who kicked her out when she married Beth’s father), a wacko¬†cracko doctor, a mysterious legend and shrine, and the wolf who can sort of speak to Beth and can go through walls, this book is riddled with strange events.

I loved it! I’m giving it 4.5 stars because it was a wee little disjointed in the introduction of the grandfather early in the book, and then also because it wasn’t finished. The story of how Jacob ended up with the mystical saddle and where it went after Beth took it-¬†wasn’t given.

In addition, while we assume {SPOILER ALERT!} Jacob and Beth’s relationship gets resolved, we don’t see the details. If the intent is to have a sequel, I’m completely on board and will definitely go out of my way to get it.

Click Here to read the first two chapters!

Erin Healy.com

Interview with Erin Healy

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze¬ģ.com <http://BookSneeze¬ģ.com> book review bloggers program in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Lonnie can’t wait until she turns 18 so she can escape her abusive alcoholic father. Those few remaining months seem like years.

Being forced to sing in place of her mother who “had a headache,” leaves Lonnie shaking and feeling like a sacrificial lamb. Seems Joel Sawyer had no problem sending his daughter to be pawed in place of his wife.

Bandmate¬†mandolin player Gideon O’Riley steals the show, playing over Lonnie’s faltering voice, as she forgets the words to the third verse. Lonnie is well aware of his reputation, and up close, can see why all the girls fawn over him and seek out his attention. Lonnie, however, is not interested. She’s waiting to turn 18 so she can escape her father and go live with her aunt Sarah.

Ditched by her younger brother, Gideon offers to walk her home. When he steals an unexpected kiss, Lonnie has no doubt she’s seen the last of him.

Unbeknownst to her, Lonnie’s father caught the moonlit clinch.

Lonnie’s world is rocked the next day, when she is called home from her aunt’s to meet with Gideon and his family. Accused of being compromised, Lonnie’s wedding date to Gideon is the next day.

As Lonnie and Gideon leave their families to make their way in the world, can they develop a relationship? Could they even come to love each other?

I received an advanced reading copy to review. The release date of this title is October 16, 2012. There were no typos that jumped out at me, which was a relief.

This book was ok, but honestly, did not do a whole lot¬†for me. The characters were not developed as well as they could have been, and the whole scenario seems implausible. The timeline of the pregnancy which ensued after Gideon came to her so he wouldn’t be ridiculed by his friends absolutely did not gel with the onset of her pregnancy symptoms on their journey to find work the following week.

I think the plot was ok; it just didn’t seem real (yes, I know it’s fiction :lol:). Good writing allows a reader to get wrapped up in the story, no matter how off-the-wall. There has to be the element of truth in the relationship, and this seemed a little tin-y to me.

Since it’s a series, I may read the second one when it’s released if it becomes available. This one left me luke-warm at best, so I’m giving it 3 stars out of 5. It was ok; not bad, but not one I’ll add to my favorites list, and not one I’ll make a point to read again.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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