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Dear House Gremlin (or should I call you Sock Monster?),

Now you’ve done it. Now you’re making me really, REALLY mad.  ūüėą

Remember that conversation we had? The one where I asked you nicely to give me back my toe socks? Yeah, that one.

Well let me tell you, mister. NOWHERE in that conversation was there an agreement to trade socks.  NO WHERE. I didn’t say bring me back the black ones and you can take the white ones. Nope. I didn’t.

I didn’t say “Let’s trade.” I didn’t say, “Hey, why don’t you sneak the black pair in the bottom of my shirt pile and take the white ones that I’ve set aside in a special place where there would be NO chance of them ‘accidently’ getting taken for something else.” Nope. I didn’t.

So here’s the deal. I want my white toe socks back. I want them now. I don’t want to hear your excuses.

I noticed you waited until I had worn and washed them. I don’t care if your feet are cold because it’s winter. If your feet are cold, you are welcome to use any of the non-sock yarn I’ve collected through the years. There is plenty there for you to have. I won’t even notice.

But. The. Socks. Have. Got. To. Come. Back.


I mean, really. If you’re going to take them, the least you can do is make them multiply. If you can get them to do that, shoot, I’ll throw in a pair (of non-toe socks) for my thanks.

P.S. Mike still needs his wrench, too. You can make ammends by bringing that back to him. He’s been waiting a while.

P.P.S.  I’ll be watching. You’d better get your sneak on before I decide to take drastic measures that I promise you will not like. ūüėĮ

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I live in the US.¬†I speak English. I don’t speak any other languages, nor am I fluent in reading any others. (I know, major fail on my part)

When I email for help; when I call with questions- the LEAST you, as a company, can do is to provide me with someone who actually speaks my language and whom I can actually understand. It’s just good business practice.

Seems I’m having issues with a Kindle download.¬†I was supposed to get a collection of books-¬†3, to be precise-¬†and while the front of the book shows the correct information, the book ended at the end of book 1. I’m going the route of trying to figure out where the problem is- is it with the file? Is it with my device?

Dunno. So, I emailed Amazon and the other places.

I kid you not when I say I couldn’t even understand the REPLY sent to me.¬†Sorry.¬† Raheed, your English is not sufficient for me to understand what the heck you are trying to say.¬†I get that you want me to give you a call.¬†A call for what?¬† To waste an hour of my life being put on hold and then to find I’m talking to someone I can’t even understand?¬†No thanks. I am annoyed enough that I am going to complain to Amazon.¬†Maybe it will make me feel better.

Used to be, folks who came to the USA legally were proud that they were here. They learned English. They learned US history. They remained proud of their ethnic heritage, and had neighborhoods where the native language was still prevalent, along with the foods and customs.

Now you don’t even have to be in the country legally to get a driver’s license.¬†Nope.¬†While Washington recently (as I understand it) revoked¬†its law,¬†New Mexico will give you a driver’s licence, even if you are an illegal alien.¬†(No, these folks are not immigrants- immigrants are here legally.¬†These people¬†are illegal aliens.)¬†

Think that doesn’t cause problems? Think again. Some folks from China figured it out. Fortunately, they got caught.¬† More here. Still, how many licenses are out there fraudulently? No idea.¬†Doubt we’ll ever know.

Talk to the immigrants who are here legally and they are furious. They jumped through the hoops.¬†They were proud to learn the language. They were proud to be able to use the system.¬†They feel as though they’ve been slapped in the face by those here illegally who are given the same “rights” as they are (and yes, we personally know many families in this category).

Heritage and customs are wonderful things. Particularly if they become festivals.¬†It lets those of us unfamiliar with the culture get a taste of it. We’re part of the wide, wide world, and it’s great to have the opportunity to experience something that is half-way around the world.

But you know what?¬†That’s where it ends for me. I don’t like feeling like a foreigner in my own country.¬†Whatever happened to actual customer service? It’s bad enough you make me listen to 10 minutes of options with a non-live person before I can even learn what number I need to press. Sure, it’s easier for you. It’s just frustrating to me. And, it doesn’t leave me feeling like a loyal customer.

Whatever happened to the customer is always right? Now, it’s all about the bottom line and corporate profit. Us peons are just a means to an end- we’re just the stuff that has to be put up with so the company can make its mega bucks.

And this has nothing to do with the occupy fiasco. (People-¬†go to work!¬†You can’t find work if you aren’t looking.¬†Quit blocking roadways that affect the travel on 6 lane highways where speeds are over 65 mph-¬†you’re a hazard to the folks going places! We get your point.¬† S*itting in public parks isn’t going to endear you the corporate or the rest of the¬†world.¬†¬†Women only tents are what we are going to remember about this stuff, in addition to the mess-¬†including¬†human excrement- left behind.)

The larger issue, in my opinion, is a reflection of the state of society at large.¬†Everyone is more worried about what they can get than what they can give. We want what we want, and we want it now.¬†People don’t want to work hard. They’ve been conditioned that way.¬†Much of the time, a person can work hard; put in a great effort, get great results, and still end up feeling punished for their hard work.

When your reward is tied to others that don’t have the same work ethic and you suffer the consequences of their failures-¬†doesn’t make you inclined to work as hard as you have been.¬†When there are a few in the same position and only one of you actually doing the job yet everyone gets paid the same- sure makes the one working his/her butt off think twice about putting forth the same effort, because there is no payback.¬†No longer does effort = reward.

And let’s be honest-¬†people don’t work because they get warm fuzzies.¬†They don’t work and put up with idiocy because they want self-¬†fulfillment.¬†People work because of money.¬†Money puts food on the table and clothes on your back.

This whole things sets up frustration on many levels. People don’t work hard for the sake of taking pride in their work.¬†Neither do companies have real concern or care for customers if it affects their bottom line.

I may have to call Amazon. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again- I have asked to speak to a native English speaker.¬†More times than I can count, I have said to the person on the other end of the phone, “I cannot understand you.¬† Please transfer me to someone who is fluent in English.”¬†Problem is- they usually don’t understand that and it takes me getting mad and saying “I want to speak to your supervisor” before I get someone I can understand.

I’m not being racist.¬†I’m being realistic.¬†If I went to Germany to live, I would darn well be able to speak German enough to be comfortable.¬†If I went to China to live- I’d learn Chinese.¬†WHY do people think they can infiltrate a country and expect the country to cater to them?

If you live in southern California, you probably don’t think twice when all the stickers on store merchandise are in Spanish and in English. And I’ve seen this where I live- store signs in Spanish. I once saw a price tag in Arabic and English.¬† Can’t remember where, but there you have it.

If you move somewhere- learn the national language. If you have a customer service department that is global- match the help with those needing help. And when someone calls in the USA, please give them someone who is fluent in English. You know, for us schmucks living in the USA who speak English.


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For the last few months, I’ve been giving stern talkings to. I’ve also been threatening that if they didn’t shape up and stop, they were going to have consequences.

Today, I flat ran out of patience. This meant that drastic measures had to be taken. I didn’t want to. They didn’t want me to. They aren’t happy with their consequences. I’m not happy about their consequences. But I’m the mama, which means I’m in charge.

I feel kinda sad, too, knowing they aren’t happy about it. They might even be a little embarrassed, but at this point, I am in it for results. I simply had to stop the carnage.

Yep. I gave the girls the Pinless Peepers.¬† ūüėÜ

What girls, and what are these pinless peepers??

Pinless peepers are used for to help combat plucking in fowl. My feathered girls are now sporting peepers. This is what they look like:

We’ve gone around and around and around with this. They have plenty of space. They are not bored. I have upped their protein (and left it there, because not only do they continue with a ton of eggs, but it helps their feathers come back in faster); they don’t have a dietary deficiency. I think they just have bad habits. And being chickens, once they see something unusual,will just keep picking at it, even if what they are picking at is on their own body.

This morning, Bella’s butt was once again a bloody mess and that was it.¬† A few weeks ago, I had ordered the pinless peepers, but then they seemed to slack off on the plucking. I was glad to have them on hand today!

Our first attempt at attaching the peepers did not go well. I was trying to insert them while J (almost 13!) held onto the chicken, but that was not going well. Instructions I had read suggested using some snap ring pliers. When we tried, the pliers broke the peeper and sent the pieces flying.

Fortunately, hunny had come home for lunch and was ready to pitch in. They found the right temperature for the water (heated on the stove with the candy thermometer) and he held while J got the peepers in. He did 2, then it was my turn.

After the first one had her new peepers, we learned real fast that the others were going to go after the head to see what those were, so it was clear they would all have to have them, whether or not they were guilty of the crime.¬†It was at this point I was really glad we didn’t have 100 chickens.¬† ūüėÜ

While they’re not real happy, they are all sporting their gorgeous peepers. Initially, they tried picking them off with their feet, but now they are out happily roaming in the backyard.

I could probably get away with it as others have, but I am too tired to stick googly eyes on all of them right now.¬†Maybe tomorrow.¬† ūüėÜ

As promised, here are pictures of some of the girls. I couldn’t resist getting pics of their fancy face gear!


Bad picture in the shadow, but this is Sunny, one of our buff orpingtons. Sunny was our foster chicken that clearly became part of our flock.

Bella, and her poor bare nekkid butt. Even under her chin and her cheeks have been plucked! ūüė¶

Butternut. She is a buff orpington and the flock mistress.

Cupcake. She's an Easter Egger and she lays a very nice green egg. She was in laying an egg so she was the lucky last one to get her peepers put on.

Cupcake and her head shot for her modeling portfolio

Cupcake, side view

I REALLY hope this works! ūüėÜ

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I Scored

Big time. There is nothing like getting lucky, eh? Even coming down from the exhilaration is fabulous- that faint sheen of sweat; your heart pounding out of your chest and now settling to a new rhythm while you try to catch your breath…..

I don’t get this lucky much. Really, not much at all, truth be told. ūüė¶

After Christmas sales are da bomb!¬† ūüėÜ

The best part of  Christmas is the after-Christmas sales. (Well, ok, not really, but the best part of Christmas shopping happens after the day has come and gone.)

If you’ve been reading along, you no doubt remember that I despise shopping. With a capital “D”. I hate it. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

This year seemed particularly bad. We try to stay away from the Black Friday mayhem because, after all, we value our lives, and sleeping in is rare. That was probably our first mistake.

The following week, the stores here were picked clean- and I mean picked clean- every time I went to do some shopping, they were out of what I was looking for and there were consistently bare shelves. I thought, “Surely, it will get better after they re-stock before the last week.” Maybe some stores did, but not in this town. I kid you not. I don’t ever remember being SO disappointed in the lack of selection of everything, ever.

Nonetheless, they weren’t sold out on things like boot socks and curling irons, so Christmas wasn’t a total loss.

But today, I hit the jackpot. Wait- back up the bus. Come walk down memory lane with me and let me set the stage……

In the yonder days of the year 2002, Tikki caught some after- Christmas sales.¬† She stocked up on necessities like Christmas cards and wrapping paper. Particularly wrapping paper………….. and she thought with a glad sigh, “Behold! My life is complete! I won’t have to drag myself out of the house to go find this junk for another decade! I can die happy to know I’ve completed my life’s work.” (or some such drivel)

Heck, it might have been earlier than 2002, to be honest. While there are those that fret over the “right” wrapping paper for each gift, I really don’t care. I could throw a dart and use the paper it lands on, even if it’s not wrapping paper.¬† Will it hide what’s inside? Good ’nuff. My kids don’t particularly care, either. Honestly, it’s just not on our radar.

So, it didn’t matter to me that I bought a gazillion roles of two different patterns.¬†No biggy.

And seriously, that was the last time I bought wrapping paper until this year. This year, I realized that unless I bought some before the holiday, I was going to run out.¬† BOOOOO! I bought a few rolls and made it, with leftovers. I’m still aghast with sticker shock over the prices for wrapping paper……………..

Nonetheless, I was not to be deterred- this WAS the year to replenish my stock. So long as it was cheap. I didn’t care what it looked like. The most important thing in the package was the price tag on the outside wrapper.

And replenish I did.   :mrgreen:

FINALLY! A price for wrapping paper I was willing to pay! Yep. $1.24 for a pack of 4. Discounted something like 75%. I bought at least 20 packs and came home with at least 6 different flavors. I totally hit the motherlode.

Vinyl clings for the window? 75 and 37¬Ę.

100 count colored mini lights? 67¬Ę

But hands down, THE BEST deal I got was the dancing, singing, clucking Christmas chicken.¬† ūüėÜ

I had searched high and low before Christmas, looking for a Christmas chicken. Nada. And, to be fair, at the original price, I would have had to leave her behind. But on clearance? For a whopping $2.24??? Why, of course, I had to take her! I nearly took her twin sister, but on second thought felt I should share the chicken love and not be so selfish.  ♥♥

Now, the chicken song below isn’t as good as the one my chicken sings (or the egg song the girls sing when they need to lay eggs), of course, because there is no chicken clucking to the music, but it’s pretty close.¬† And it’s the full version while I only have the abbreviated edition.¬† Although………… our chicken clucks out some Christmas tunes, too, so maybe it’s a toss-up.

Anyhow. Today was a good day, even though there was shopping involved.¬† I don’t often get lucky and score like this, but when I do, it’s B-I-G and it’ll last me nearly 10 years.

From my house to you, enjoy some chicken! ‚ô•‚ô•



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‘Member me telling you about that Holiday Challenge thingy I was gonna do during the holidays to stay motivated?¬†Ya, well, it’s over.¬† ūüė¶

When we started, 275 runners on two teams (139; 136) had pledged nearly 38,000 miles. By the time I updated at the half way point,  we had dropped to 263 players, who pledged 36,650 miles.

It’s no surprise that 5 1/2 weeks through the holidays is a long challenge.¬†At the end,¬†we had 240 people left (125 and 115) who logged an impressive 36,861.64 miles-¬†yes, those are actual miles run! As it turns out, through no fault of the fabulous sorting program, things kind of got lopsided.¬†There was also some drama just after the 1/2, which meant some of the higher mileage runners totally dropped; some said they would and logged 0s, and then at the last minute added their mileage back in.¬†I think the rules might change because of that.

My team, sadly, did not win.¬†BUT.¬†There was some great running, and a good many of us logged some fantastic “ninja miles.”¬†By ‘definition,’ “ninja miles” were miles suggested by one of our team players (who, yes, has “ninja” in his name) that were stealthy, and unplanned for. Ya know, to sneak up on the other team.¬† ūüėČ

So, how does it break down? Not surprisingly, the person who logged the most miles was also the leader at the 1/2; the gentleman (in the 55-59 age group) who ran 617.2 miles. Before you pick your jaw up off the ground, the top 3 had over 500 miles each and the top 9 had all logged over 400 miles.  AMAZING!!!!!

The team with the most miles averaged 3.96 miles a day, per player.

My team averaged 3.91 miles per day, per player, and we had 10 fewer players at the end after we lost a few of our really high mileage runners.

I gave up at 250 miles myself.¬† ūüėܬ† Since I had originally pledged 140 miles, I was pretty satisfied to land 110 miles over.

One of the most competitive age groups at races is the 40-44, and it appears this also holds true for mileage challenges like this.¬† ūüôā¬† In my age group for the women, I finished in 2nd place, behind a 251.79 mile finish. I remain very glad that they weren’t timing us.¬† ūüėÜ

On my team of 115 players, I landed in 20th place.

Out of the total 240 runners, my mileage let me finish on the leaderboard in 35th place.

While I didn’t manage to make my new new goal of 950 miles for the year, I came pretty close with 935.76.¬†Hitting a major flare on Christmas¬†followed by a tummy bug didn’t do me any favors, but I didn’t die, so I’m happy.¬† ūüėÜ

As you can imagine, it doesn’t really end there, because, you know,¬†I’m certifiable.¬† ūüėĬ† I’ve signed up for 2 more challenges, both of which are year-long.¬†I’ve pledged 1,200 miles for the year, so we’ll see how that goes.¬†So far, in two days of running, I’ve got 23.5 in, so this may actually not be out of the realm of possibility, if I can stay mostly healthy and injury free.

If you are thinking about starting a new running¬†exercise routine, or just want a way to stay accountable and connected to other runners (even if you are just starting out!), the Runner’s World online community¬†forum¬†is¬†the place to land.¬†It is *amazing* how much great information there is out there, and people are¬†generally very friendly. I lurked for a few years before joining, and I have to say, there is really a great group of people there.

I may not make new year’s resolutions, but I absolutely WILL¬†make mileage goals!¬† ūüėܬ† :mrgreen:

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Have you looked?  Do you usually look? 

~~WARNING!!!!¬†LONG POST AHEAD!!!~~~~¬† ūüėÜ

Every year around this time, I end up laughing sardonically to myself.

“I just love a clean slate!”

“New year= new beginnings!”

<gag>¬†I mean, really?¬†Do people really believe this?¬†Like, nothing from the past year is going to follow them into this year because it’s a “new calendar?” Or that because it’s the new year, things are just magically going to be “better” because the time meter has been reset??¬†The short answer is yes, apparently they must because every year, they say the same thing.

Ooooooookkkk- back to reality! I love history.¬†I just don’t live there. ūüėÄ

Sir Winston Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Yep.¬†It’s true. The key here is learning.

So many times, people do the same things over and over, each time expecting a different result.¬†Doesn’t work that way.¬†Never has; never will.

Learn something from the past, get over it, and move on already. Play the hand life has dealt you instead of moaning and groaning about better days (like when you were in high school).¬†Don’t let the past keep you trapped, because you can’t escape from self-imposed imprisonment. It’s just not happening.

Get rid of your grudges– they keep you enmeshed, even if you don’t think they do.¬†Why are you continuing to let that/them/him/her/it continue to have that kind of power over you?¬†They don’t care about your grudge, and it’s going to damage you far more than it will them.¬†Let it go……. but learn from the experience- don’t forget it; protect yourself from something similar happening again.

This is why we need to periodically look back.¬†For me, it’s a measure of taking stock-¬†where have I been?¬†What went right?¬†What needs work? Were any of those things things I actually had control over?¬† ūüėÜ

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a minute so we can see what my frame of reference is:¬† 2010.

~~~~~~~~~~Intermission music~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh hey.¬†I see you’re back.¬† ūüôā

The big rant there, about the medical billing?¬†Yep.¬†It’s still broken.¬†The one bit of information I redently learned from my insurance company was “All emergency room doctors are contractors.¬†None of them work for the hospital.” <gasp!>¬† ūüėĮ

That was news to me! I thought only smaller community hospitals were cursed with that! I have no real way of confirming this information, so if you have some kind of concrete evidence, would you point me at it, please? Thanks.

Why, you might ask, is that even on my radar? Well, in August, dd #2 (my now 10-year-old) ended up in the ER with a concussion. I kid you not when I say that the hand of God was on that situation from the get-go, because financially, it could have been a WHOLE lot worse than it turned out to be. (I mean, of course the hand of God is in everything all the time- this was one situation, though, where a person could see it really clearly and know it for what it was.)

Explanation:¬†We here, in our rural community where a larger city is 200 plus miles away in ANY direction, have 2 hospitals.¬†One is relatively new; a private, physician owned venture that is really, really nice.¬†Thanks to the cuts in Medicare and Obamacare, it can’t expand nor can it sustain itself, so it’s being bought out by the other hospital.¬†I’m not sure that’s happened yet, and it’s besides the point.

So, when J started vomiting after goofing around with siblings (something I did not witness), I knew it was time to take her to the emergency room. I’m pretty well convinced that the other hospital will kill you unless you are mostly dead anyhow (ya, this is the one where the head of ER services told me “Everyone has pitting edema in the morning- you¬†are just fine besides the connective tissue disease issue.¬†Get off the internet and stop trying to find something wrong.” Yes, really. Nevermind those pesky chronic illness that other COMPETENT medical professionals have diagnosed.¬† ūüôĄ¬† ūüė° ), so my thinking was to take her to the other ER because surely, it had to be better.

Indeed, it was.¬†We were in and out in 2 hours; the CT confirmed a concussion but no bleed (which was a huge relief, because that’s an airlift out).¬†In reality, we were the only ones there.

That was early August.¬†It is now January.¬†A few weeks ago, I got another bill from the emergency doctor’s contracting service, which turned into nearly 2 hours (yes, really) of time waiting on the phone.¬†First, I had to call the service to find out why they hadn’t billed insurance again. (We had already had this conversation in October.) They said they had, and insurance said it needed more information from me.

???¬†I hadn’t gotten anything from insurance, so I called.¬†Insurance said they couldn’t find a record of a claim.¬†Interestingly, the hospital bill and the labs had been¬†completely paid for by the end of September-¬†apparently, the hospital, which took my information- was able to properly bill insurance with no problem.¬†Somehow, the ER doctor service wasn’t able to take that same information and do anything with it.¬†That bill was for nearly $750.

When I called insurance, it showed that it hadn’t been billed at all. The next logical step was for the insurance company to call the ER doctor service to try to straighten it out- all with ME still on the line……..Granted, most of the time spent was just being on hold, but still…. 2 hours later, it was finally determined that the ER doctors hadn’t actually billed the right place, but now it should be on the right track.

How does this stuff happen?!!! You give your information a single time; to a single person. This person enters that data into the computer, for goodness sakes. And every one but the one gets the billing right? Maddening!

But wait- there’s more!¬† ūüėܬ†As it turns out, the new hospital doesn’t actually HAVE pediatric services.¬† Yep.¬†You read that right.¬†They can deliver the bulk of the babies for the community, and they treat adults, BUT, they cannot admit pediatrics because they are not equipped to do so.


You’d have thought that when we showed up, there would have been a note or something posted- or the person taking our information would have said, “Please be aware that if she needs to be admitted, we are going to call an ambulance to transport her to the other hospital.” Had I known that, I would have taken her there to begin with (where a dear friend actually works in the ER).¬†¬†It was a given that if she had had¬†a bleed, it would have been a chopper ride out-¬†but first, they would have transported her to the other hospital by ambulance, too, because they are not equipped to do that there for peds.

WTH?!!! Pardon my french, but really?¬†You don’t think you should tell someone that kind of information when they come in with a child that clearly needs medical attention? But see, fortunately, this is where God was clearly *overtly*¬†in charge, because there was no bleed and things went well, all things being considered (we didn’t come home with something like MRSA….).¬† But when my friend called and let me know what¬†was more likely to have ¬†happened- wow.¬†Just wow.¬†Do people not have consciences?

I think we can conclusively say that medical billing is broken.¬†And while our medical system is broken, I’m still inclined to think it’s considerably better than other countries¬†with socialized healthcare, where people have to wait for eons to get surgeries and other services.¬†At least here, I, the consumer, have the option to shop for doctors, even if I have to fight the payment ring-around-the-rosey later.

I think we can check that off the rants for 2011.¬† ūüėÜ

Let’s see- the Stuff¬†issue remains, more or less.¬†Getting a Kindle¬†has been hugely helpful in not adding to the pile of books, so that is good.¬†The other stuff- *sigh*.¬† Work in progress.

I will say, though, that unlike 2010 which I was glad was dead and buried, 2011 actually DID have some really good points.

I missed not doing our usual travels. I think we all missed not taking out usual vacations. This was due completely to the addition of CHICKENS! If you’ve been reading along, you have no doubt figured out by now that I am totally crazy chicken lady.¬† :mrgreen:

Not a *single* regret here for getting chickens!¬†Santa even brought Mama some chicken lanterns for Christmas, which add to the chicken calendar, magnets, and ornaments for her birthday.¬† ūüėÄ

We’re hoping to get the chicken arrangement more automated so when we do hit the road again, we’ll have it set to where our chicken sitter only really has to come once or twice a day to collect eggs and make sure they all put themselves to bed.

Of course, all of our girls are grown up now and they are all laying eggs.¬†One of these days, I’ll actually get around to taking pictures of the chicken condo, the girls, and their gift of eggs!!¬† ūüėÜ

The other “big” thing for me this year came in the form of running shoes. The change to Vibram Five Fingers has been absolutely monumental for me. Because I’m not running with as much pain, I’ve been able to increase my mileage and enter races.¬†2011 brought me 2 10k races.¬†

Year end totals for running: 935.76 miles. At the beginning of the year, my goal was 500 miles.¬†At some point, that changed, and I was looking at 800 miles.¬†When that goal got close, it changed to 900.¬†The last few weeks, I had changed the goal again, to 950 miles. ūüėÜ

The last week bit me in the rear, though, as I hit a pretty major flare on Christmas Day followed by a tummy bug. I only logged 43.5 miles for last week; my monthly total for December was 205.

How does that break down with the shoes? 308.56 miles were run in my Asics, which leaves 627.2¬†in my VFFs. I’ll continue to update periodically on my VFFs, as a measure of keeping track of the longevity of these treds. The Holiday Challenge¬†finishes today, so stay tuned for the update coming soon!

Overall, 2011 wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.¬†In fact, it was considerably better than I had hoped! That being said, I can’t confess to having unbridled enthusiasm for 2012.¬† While I’m cautiously optimistic, I’m probably just¬†too cynical.¬† ūüėÜ

2012-¬†looking forward to good things and firsts- like going and collecting eggs, because we haven’t collected eggs at all this year.¬† ūüėܬ† And then a run, since I haven’t run at all this year………………. ūüėÜ

What are your goals for the coming year?¬† Do you set any?¬† Have you looked in your rearview mirror yet?¬† ūüėÄ


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